Robert Aguirre

Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs


Academic advising (with Paul Clemens)
Academic staff ESS and promotion
Assessment (including early academic assessment reporting)
CLAS scholarships and teaching awards
General education
Liaison to Associate Vice Provost for Student Success
Student services supervision
Undergraduate grade appeals and student conduct cases
Undergraduate recruitment and retention
MASU Michigan Association of State Universities


 Heather Dillaway

Associate Dean for Academic Programs


AGRADE programs
College Graduate Officer (graduate bulletin, time extensions, grade appeals and due process issues, graduate faculty status reviews, contractual issues (GEOC), graduate fellowships)
Course fee requests
Curriculum development and course proposals (undergraduate and graduate)
Graduate faculty and educational development awards
Graduate recruitment and retention
Liaison to Graduate School
Program and center reviews
New program proposals and program changes
Online learning


Ratna Naik

Associate Dean for Academic Personnel and Faculty Affairs


Chair/Director searches and reviews
Contractual issues (AAUP/AFT and UPTF)
Faculty development, promotion and tenure
Faculty searching/hiring
Faculty selective salary processes
Part-time faculty matters
Sabbaticals, leaves of absence, modified duties, etc.
Term-contract faculty renewals




Claudio Verani

Associate Dean for Research


Liaison to Facilities, Planning & Management (FP&M) and Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR)
Online learning (with Heather Dillaway)
Oversight of college IT structure and Language Lab
Research (internal/external grant application pre-review, submission, initiatives, workshops)
Research awards
Space allocation and renovation
Student service fee (Omnibus) funding
Subventions and research matching funds
Undergraduate research
Invention Disclosure


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