Boris Baltes - Department Chair

Diversity and Work Family Relations Lab


Research Interests

My major research interests include the effects of stereotypes on workplace outcomes, biases in performance appraisal, age and workplace issues as well as work-family conflict/balance.



Undergraduate Courses

  • PSY 2100 - Psychology and the Workplace

Graduate Courses

  • PSY 6540 - Organizational Staffing
  • PSY 7520 - Selection and Placement
  • PSY 7500 - Research Methods
  • PSY 8150 - Multivariate Analysis in Psychology
  • PSY 8170 - Meta-Analysis
  • PSY 8740 - Structural Equation Modeling


Selected Publications

  • Baltes, B. B., Wynne, K.. T., Sirabian, M. A., Krenn, D. R., & de Lange, A. H. (2014).  Future time persepctive, regulatory focus, and selection, optimization, and compsensation: Testing a longitudinal model.  Journal of Organizational Behavior, 34, 1120 - 1133.
  • Clark, M. A., Michel, J., Zhdanova, L., Pui, S., & Baltes, B. B. (in press).  All work and no play? A meta-analytic examination of the correlates and outcomes of workaholism.  Journal of Management.
  • Rudolph, C. W., & Baltes, B. B., (2013).  Mitigating the impact of sterotypes is more practical than holding peopole accountable for them. Industrial and Organizational Psychology:  Perspectives on Science and Practice, 6, 423-429.
  • Nieminen, L.R.G., Rudolph, C.W., Baltes, B.B., Casper, C., Wynne, K.T., Kirby, L.C. (2013).  The combined effects of contextual information and ratee bodyweight on performance judgements.  Journal of Applied Social Psycnology, 43, 527 - 543.
  • Rudolph, C. W, Baltes, B. B., Zhdanova, L. S., Clark, M. A., Bal, A. C.  (2012) Testing the structured free recall intervention for reducing the impact of bodyweight-based stereotypes on performance ratings in immediate and delayed contexts, Journal of Business and Psychology, 27, 205-222.
  • Bal, A.B., Reiss, A.E.B., Rudolph, C.W., & Baltes, B.B. (2011).  Examining positive and negative perceptions of older workers: A meta- analysis. The Journal of Gerontology: Series B - Psychological Sciences, 66B, 687-698.
  • Baltes, B. B., Zhdanova, L. S., Clark, M. A. (2011). Examining the relationships between  personality, coping strategies, and work–family conflict. Journal of Business and Psychology, 4, 517-530.
  • Baltes, B. B., Bauer, C. B., & Frensch. P. (2007). Does a Structured Free Recall Intervention Reduce The Effect of Stereotypes on Performance Ratings and by What Cognitive Mechanism? Journal of Applied Psychology, 92, 151-164.
  • Baltes, B. B., & Heydens-Gahir, H.A., (2003). Reduction of Work-Family Conflict Through the Use of Selection, Optimization, and Compensation Behaviors. Journal of Applied Psychology, 88, 1005-1018


Agency: Alfred P. Sloan Center on Aging and Work (2012).
Title: Age and Health as Moderators of the Influence of Time-Place Management Policies on Work Outcomes.
Role: Co-PI (Co-PI: Cort Rudolph, FIU)
Dates: January 2012 - January 2013
Total Funds: $5000.00

Agency: NSF
Title: Graduate Student Fellowship
Role: PI (Student Supervisor)
Dates: August 2011 - August 2014
Total Funds: $90,000

Title: Improving Clinical System Communication to Increase Trial Offers to Cancer Patients
Role: Co-investigator (PI: T. Albrecht)
Dates: August 2009August 2011
Total Funds: $400,000



  • Fellow of APA, Division 14
  • Humboldt Research Fellowship, August 2004May 2005
  • College of Science Teaching Award, 2002
  • Wayne State University Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award, 2008


  • Baccalaureate: B.A., Economics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, 1989
  • Graduate: M.B.A., International Business, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, 1992
  • M.A., Psychology, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois, 1996
  • Ph.D., I/O Psychology, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois, 1998
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Research Area
Diversity & Work-Family Relations
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