Our lab focuses on three major research activities:

  • First, we are interested in examining work family balance/conflict. Specifically, we have been conducting research studies that are assessing what strategies individuals use to reduce work family conflict and achieve work family balance.
  • Second, we are interested in issues related to aging and work such as motives for working across the lifespan and work family balance for older workers.
  • Third, we study the effects that various stereotypes (racial, gender, and most recently, obesity) have on workplace type outcomes (e.g. performance ratings) and, perhaps more importantly, test interventions that may reduce the effects of these biases.


Boris Baltes Ph.D. | CV



Dr. Baltes is a professor and the chair of the Department of Psychology at Wayne State University. His major research interests include the effects of stereotypes on workplace outcomes, biases in performance appraisal, age and workplace issues as well as work-family conflict/balance.


Graduate Researchers 


Daniel R. Krenn YEAR 6 | CV



Daniel Krenn grew up in Huntsville, Alabama. He graduated with a B.A. in psychology (with minors in political science and music) from Auburn University in 2012. His research interests fall within four domains:

  1. Interpersonal aggression including group-based mistreatment (e.g. discrimination) and individual-based mistreatment (e.g. incivility)
  2. Work-life conflict and balance
  3. Accuracy of selection and performance appraisal including psychometric issues, heuristic errors, and stereotyping
  4. Effective teaching in the psychology classroom

Daniel has previously consulted with American Axle and Manufacturing.

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Mgrdich A. Sirabionian YEAR 6



Mgrdich received his B.S. in psychology, graduating with honors and magna cum laude from Wayne State University in 2013. He has been working in the lab since 2011 as an undergraduate and currently is a doctoral student studying I/O psychology under Dr. Boris Baltes.

His initial research interests include diversity and work life balance as it pertains to the workplace. However, he is open to other areas of I/O as his schooling continues.



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Reed J. Bramble YEAR 5 | CV

Reed Bramble grew up in Grand Rapids, MI, and graduated with a degree in psychology from Grand Valley State University.  His interests inlcude the within-person variablity and stability of individual traits, as well as issues related to the work-family domain and the aging workforce.

Recently, Reed has conducted reserach assessing predictors of personailty stability into later life, as well as the impact of caregiving responsbilbilities on older adult employess' well-being and work-family conflict.  He has co-authored publciations in Work, Aging, and Retirement, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, and Personatiy and Individual Differences. He has also contributed to several book chapters centering around age-realted changes in atittudes, motivation, and values.  Reed currenlty teaches undergraduate courses in personality psychology and industrial-organizational psychology at Westminster College.  In addition, he is making use of his reserach methods and data science skills in the public sector, aiding State of Utah goverhment officials to make data-driven decisions and responsibly interpret the results of data analyses.

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Andrew J. Lutz
 YEAR 4 | CV


 Andrew Lutz received a B.S. in psychology and completed an undergraduate thesis at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida in May of 2015. Andrew began working toward a PhD in I/O psychology at Wayne State University in 2015, and joined the Diversity & Work-Family Relations Lab in 2016. His research interests cover multiple domains, particularly work-life conflict and balance, work-related experiences of childless and childfree employees, and cross-cultural organizational phenomena.

In addition to carrying out research, Andrew has taught and assisted teaching in numerous courses, and has consulted with Kellogg.

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Emma Duerk
 YEAR 3 | CV



Emma Duerk grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from DePaul University (Chicago, Illinois). Her research interests include pregnancy discrimination, the psychometrics of retesting, and work-family balance/conflict.

She is currently serving as a graduate teaching assistant for the undergraduate Introductory Psychology course at Wayne State University.


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Example Alumni 

Angela Pratt Ph.D. Proctor and Gamble
Cort Rudolph Ph.D. Florida International University
Eliza Wicher Ph.D. San Francisco State University
Lindsey Young Ph.D. Denison Consulting
Ludmila Zhdanova Ph.D. Carleton University
Madhura Chakrabarti Ph.D. Dell Inc.
Malissa Clark Ph.D. Auburn University
Tara McClure Ph.D. Aon
Kevin Wynne Ph.D. Air Force Reserach Institute
Keith Zabel Ph.D. Ford
Becky Early Ph.D. AlixPartners


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