2017 Aug Da has successfully defended his dissertation!     



2017 May Da received the Outstanding Presentation Award from the Michigan Catalysis Society 38th Annual Spring Symposium

2017 March Roshini has successfully defended her dissertation!                     

 2017 March Da won a Presentation award in Graduate & Posdoc Research Symposium!



 2016 Nov Welcome our new group Tepora, Lalani, and Lakmini!

2016 Dec Jessica has successfully defended her dissertation! 

2016 Oct Ruchira has successfully defended his dissertation!





2016 Aug Congratulations to Dr. Brock, she is a new editor at Chemistry of Materials.  (link)

  2016 June Welcome our new group members, Taisia (visiting scholar), Kody and Mikaylah (undergraduate)!




2016 April Congratulations! Bogs recieved ACS, Division of Inorganic Chemistry Award and the Wiley Award in Advanced Organic Chemistry!


2016 April Ruchira received the Rumble Fellowship!


2016 April Sam recieved the Herbert K. Livingston Award for Excellence in Teaching Service 


2015 November Derak has successfully defended his dissertation and started a postdoc with Professor Sarah Stoll at Georgetown Unviersity! 

2015 June Congratulations to Ruchira, whose paper was one of the top downloaded papers from Chemistry of Materials for the month of June! Link


2015 April Malsha and Indika received  Departmental Citations for Excellent Teaching Service, Da received the Rumble Fellowship  2015 March Samuel Mutinda joined the Brock group, welcome!  2015 March Congratulations to Dr. Brock, named to the 2014 class of ACS Fellows by the ACS


 2014 December Asha has successfully defended her dissertation and started a postdoc with Professor Eranda Nikolla at WSU 2014 2014 April Da recieved the Graduate School Citation for Excellence in Teaching Service 2014  2013 May Lasantha has successfully defended his dissertation and started a postdoc with Professor Amy Prieto at Colorado State U. 2013


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