Founded in 2003, the Math Corps College Success Center (MCCSC) seeks to ensure that former Math Corps students currently enrolled at Wayne State University successfully complete their undergraduate studies. To achieve this goal, MCCSC provides both academic and non-academic support to these students from before their first lecture until the day they don their cap and gown. MCCSC encourages students to set and maintain high standards and expectations in their academic pursuits.

Emphasizing that hard work is a necessary part of success, MCCSC imparts the attitudes and habits that are necessary for success in college. The MCCSC students, from freshman to seniors, form a strong community of undergraduates, both inside and outside of the classroom. These relationships are vital to the students’ continued success in college.

MCCSC works to support its students through several critical components. Each student is assigned a mentor from one of the MCCSC upperclassman. Mentors provide support and encouragement both academically and non-academically to help inspire their mentee to reach present and future goals. Mentors build a relationship with the mentee through tutoring, talking and being present in the mentee’s early college experience.

Additionally, a program coordinator helps students develop real-life skills such as scheduling, budgeting, applying for scholarships, preparing résumés, etc. And because “life happens” in the form of unexpected challenges and unplanned changes during the academic year, the program coordinator helps students address personal issues, both large and small, that arise. The final component is a weekly family meal, where past and present MCCSC students gather to share their experiences, both positive and negative, and encourage one another while sharing delicious food. This meal fosters a sense of togetherness and mutual support, emboldening the students to pursue their goals in spite of any challenges that may arise.   

By building a community of students who support one another academically and non-academically, fashioning a culture that sets high standards and expectations, and providing resources for students to realize their goals, MCCSC has seen remarkable results. Since its inception, approximately 70% of Math Corps participants who attend Wayne State have graduated or are continuing students.

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