The WSU Math Corps Summer Camp is the centerpiece of the Math Corps. This six-week program serves a total of approximately 400 middle and high school students at two sites on Wayne State’s campus. Each day of the camp has a morning and an afternoon component. In the morning, the focus is entirely on the middle school kids. In the afternoon, the middle school students participate in a variety of hands-on activities, while the high school students engage in two Mathematics courses of their own, one of which is an advanced course at the college level. Instruction is provided through a variety of formats and includes topics in the fundamentals of mathematics and an exposure to advanced topics as well. The curriculum used is unique and has been developed over the past 20 years within the Math Corps itself.

About fifty college students, most of whom are typically former Math Corps students themselves, work as instructors and mentors. The students are broken into teams with each team having ten middle school students, five high school students who are paid as teaching assistants (TAs) and one college student (CI) at the head. The CIs and TAs not only serve as teachers and role models for the middle school students, but in many instances, as essentially “big brothers” and “big sisters”.

For over 20 years, the Math Corps has, through its summer camp, Saturday programs and Elementary School Outreach Program, posted dramatic results for thousands of Detroit public school students.

  • Test scores in the Math Corps’ six-week summer camp typically rise from pre-camp averages of 25% to post-camp averages of 90%
  • In post-camp evaluations, typically 98% of the students give the program A’s or B’s (with 80% giving A’s); parent ratings are even higher
  • Since 1995, best estimates place the high school graduation rate for Math Corps students at about 90%, with about 90% of those students going on to college (80%) or the military (10%)
  • Over the last five years, Detroit high school students who had participated in the Math Corps for at least three summers, achieved a 21 median score on the ACT math exam – far above Detroit’s overall average and on par with statewide and national scores

Built on these results, the Math Corps has garnered widespread acclaim and received national recognition. The program’s success is the subject of the Emmy-winning documentary, It All Adds Up, by Academy Award winning filmmaker Sue Marx, which has been shown on PBS stations across the country. The Math Corps has been featured in several stories on CNN and was one of three programs highlighted by President Bill Clinton at the 2010 Clinton Global Initiative conference.

For additional information on how to apply, visit the Math Corps @, call 313-577-2609, or email


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