WSU Math Corps Super Saturdays Program runs for 18 weeks during the school year, with separate programs in the fall and winter. Super Saturdays is open to previous summer camp students, keeping their mathematical skills sharp throughout the school year. Additionally, by maintaining a relationship with parents and students in the months between summer camps, Math Corps is able to stay involved and up to date with the students' lives.

The fall program focuses mainly on ACT preparation, providing high school students an opportunity to enrich their knowledge and skills in order to excel on the math portion of the ACT exam. The winter program functions both as a follow-up to the previous summer camp and as a prelude to the next one. Another function of Super Saturdays is to train current ninth graders to become teaching assistants for the summer camp through an internship during the winter Super Saturdays Program.

Because Math Corps functions in part by having the older students teach the younger students, having a group of highly skilled and caring teaching assistants is critical to Math Corps’ success.

For additional information, visit the Math Corps website, call 313-577-2609 or email


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