Brittany Kohlberger Ph.D.

Brittany Kohlberger graduated with High Distinction from The College of New Jersey. She completed her Master’s Thesis “Sexual self-schema and its influence on perceptions of sexual health in romantic relationships” with Dr. Simon. Her primary interest in adolescence led to the development of her Dissertation project “Health-related behaviors in low-income, minority youth: The role of motivation, basic needs, mental health, and environmental barriers”. Collecting data at the Adolescent Medicine Clinic at Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Brittany is striving to understand teenagers’ motivation and engagement in physical health behaviors. She completed her pre-doctoral clinical internship at Hawthorn Center.

 Franklin Ph.D.

Marilyn Franklin graduated from New York University with her B.A. in psychology, and subsequently earned her MSW from the Hunter College School of Social Work.  After working as a clinical social worker at the Adolescent Health Center at Mount Sinai Medical Center, she entered the doctoral program in Clinical Psychology at Wayne State University. She obtained her M.A. in psychology after completing a thesis related to cortisol patterns among African-American youth with a history of childhood sexual abuse. Her clinical and research interests focus on mental health treatment among low-income African-American adolescents. Her long term professional interests revolve around improving mental health treatment and increasing utilization of mental health services within this population. Marilyn completed pre-doctoral internship at the Hawthorn Center, which is a children’s psychiatric hospital that provides intense inpatient services for youth across Michigan.

Robyn Ankawi, B.A., Former Lab Manager/Lead RA
Stephanie Yee, B.A.
Kayla Scott
Sumaiyah Mahmood, B.A. 
Aminat (Dee) Bello
Kayla Underwood, B.A.
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Ami Smith
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 Emanuel van Bolden
Meliksah Demir
Aryn Dotterer
Emailed CFSG the following on 9/12/06
"I worked in the Child and Family Study Group when I was an undergrad at Wayne (1998-2000). I went to graduate school at Penn State and received a Ph.D. is in Human Development and Family Studies. Now I am a postdoctoral scholar at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill."
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