Meet Our Research Assistants!

The Child and Family Study Group could not be successful without the hard work of so many dedicated and talented undergraduate research assisstants!


Segiola Ayeni, B.A., Lab Manager/Lead R.A.


Kristin Tarp

Asma Shakir

Allesandra Iadipaolo

Doug Pacholke

Katrina Markowicz, B.S.

Katrina recently received her Bachelor of Science in Honors Psychology and plans to apply to a Child Clinical Psychology in Dec 2015 to obtain her Ph.D. She wrote an Honors Thesis on the importance of early screening for childhood psychopathology through the use of multiple informants and the implications of parental concordance. Her main research interests include: impacts of child psychopathology on future prevalence, parental perception of childhood psychopathology and the impact on diagnosis, and child-parent/family interactions. Currently, she is looking for a part-time job to give her practical experience working with young children while contributing her spare time to researching children and families.


Zahraa Alqatan

Megan O'Conner, B.S.


Megan recently graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Human Biology. Her research interests involve looking at children and adolescences who are at risk for emotional and behavior problems as well as there effects on family dynamics. She also loves watching movies and traveling.






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