Wilbert Morris 
“The effects of parenting on child self-esteem.”  Completed 4/95.
Brook Eddy
“The influence of relationship with perpetrator on the adjustment of sexually abused children.”  Completed 4/96.
Stephanie Gagne
“The relation between community violence, hopelessness, and depression among inner-city pre-teens.”  Completed 4/96.
Jewel Hall
"The effects of exposure to chronic community violence on the perception of danger in young children.”  Completed 4/97.
Maureen Tracy
“Social support sources and their relation to coping skills.” Completed 5/99.
Aryn Dotterer
“Do parenting styles predict adolescents’ representations and perceptions of social support?"  Completed 10/99
Urcuyo Murphy
“Attachment to primary caregiver and social competence: A comparison of African Mercian and Caucasian preschoolers.” Completed 11/99
Abby Jaskot
“Preschooler-mother attachments and interpersonal problem solving: A study of low-income urban African American preschool-aged boys”  Completed 8/00 

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