The long-term goals of our lab are to:

  • Understand the effects of modified nucleotides on rRNA structure and dynamics (Evan Jones, Alan Mlotkowski)
  • Develop ligands that target rRNA specifically and that can alter RNA dynamics and conformational changes (Prabuddha Madubashitha)
  • Discover new RNA targets for drug interactions (Supuni Thalalla Gamage, Bett Kimutai)
  • Development of peptide ligands that target rRNA (Rabiul Islam)


  • Bioorganic chemistry - synthesize modified RNAs and peptides
  • Biophysical chemistry - study the effects of modifications on RNA stability and structure (CD, NMR, UV melting, fluorescence spectroscopy, etc.) and monitor ligand interactions with RNA (ESI MS, fluorescence spectroscopy, ITC, SPR, etc.)
  • Bioinorganic chemistry - probe RNA structure with metal complexes
  • Biochemistry and molecular biology - examine RNA structure with chemical probes and study the effects of modifications or ligand binding on RNA function
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