The WSU-CI hold Chinese Language Boot Camps every summer for university, high school, and community members. The curriculum will be concentrated on real life topics and be more immersive to help learners improving thier language levels in a short term. The whole training will last two weeks to give you a brand new experience. Registration is free. 

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Groups of 3-5 similarly placed students will spend 10 minutes at each of  four different stations, where respective teachers emphasize: 1) vocabulary; 2) Chinese character writing; 3) pronunciation and tones; and 4) conversation.

A new theme will be introduced during the first hour of each day. After going through each station the first hour, students will then take a 15 minute break and return for a second hour, where they will review exercises from each of the themes presented to the present point.


Beginners will learn basic Chinese pronunciation, writing and phrases, including: 1) hello and good bye; 2) what is your name?; 3) How old is he/she?; 4) Numbers and dates; 5) Where do you live? and 6) family introductions.

photos of 2019 boot camp

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