The Box Exchange Program pairs K-12 classrooms in the Greater Detroit area with classrooms in China. American students prepare boxes containing personal letters, pictures, and memorabilia from their schools and hometowns and send them to students in China at the same grade level. The Chinese students, in turn, reciprocate with a box of their own. The exchange provides a vital learning experience for students in both countries, potentially sparking lifelong friendships! Boxes should be approximately 16"x14"x10"

For information on how to involve your class, afterschool club, or organization, please contact us at or call (313) 577-0219.

The WSU Confucius Institute can pay for postage for pre-approved boxes brought to its offices at 906 W. Warren, 199 Manoogian Hall, Detroit MI 48201

Suggestions of items to include in (and exclude from) your box

More Pictures from 2017-18 Box Exchanges

Pictures from 2019 Box Exchange

"The box exchange program through Wayne State's Confucius Institute was a fun, communicative language experience for my students, as well as a very inspiring cultural one. The exchange provided them with an authentic writing task-- they wrote letters (and sent small gifts) to "real" students in China. Then, they participated in an authentic reading task-- receiving letters (and cute gifts!) back from those "real" students. What a motivating and positive experience this was! The whole time we were waiting for our box, the students were constantly anticipating its arrival. I can't wait to have next year's students participate."
--Stacey Aksman, Chinese Teacher at Plymouth-Canton Schools
"Students of Chinese from Centennial Middle School and South Lyon East High School truly enjoyed reading handwritten letters by elementary students from Wuhan. Many of them were amazed by how well students from China can write in English, which motivated them to study Chinese harder. As their teacher, I am really grateful to this learning experience provided by CI at Wayne State University, which opened my students' eyes and enhanced their learning!
I am hoping we can do it again soon! Thank you!"
 --Yanyu Ward, Chinese Teacher at South Lyon Schools



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