The Chinese Language and Culture Learning Community (CLCLC) provides a friendly, informal learning community for students interested in learning about Chinese culture and improving their Chinese language skills. Students register for one credit, attend fully and partially-funded events, and are invited to attend regularly-scheduled study sessions with native speakers of Chinese. Students have access to a calendar of events and discussion boards via Facebook, which generally inlcudes an over-night trip to Chinatown in Chicago or Toronto. 

Description of the Program

Registration in the CHI 1006 course is intended to maximize accountability among students in the learning community. The following are required:

  1. Students must attend at total of eight (8) Chinese cultural activities during the semester.  Examples include viewing a Chinese movie, attending a lecture at the Confucius Café or other venue, attending a Chinese art exhibit or musical performance, or attending an off-campus Chinese-related event. A calendar of Chinese-related events will be available on the blackboard course site and the Confucius Institute calendar. WSU Chinese instructors or CLCLC-associated staff must approve any activities in question.
  2. In order to satisfy the above attendance requirement, students will be asked to write comments about the events they attend on the designated Facebook discussion board. Comments should be astute and solicit other members' input.
  3. Learners are required to attend at least four tutoring sessions per semester at the Confucius Institute.
  4. At the end of the semester, learners will be asked to make a short power-point presentation on a Chinese topic of their choice.
  5. Learners may be required to complete a formal quantitative and qualitative survey at the end of each semester, assessing the CLCLC program.

For further details see the full proposal.

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