The 2016 Capital City Dragon Boat Race took place on Sunday, September 18 at Hawk Island Park in Lansing, Michigan. For the third consecutive year, the WSU-CI sponsored a Confucian Warrior team and provided a full day of fun-filled activities, featuring Chinese games and dances. This year's enthusiastic team, consisting of 20 rowers, a drummer and flag catcher, won a bronze medal in the second of three divisions, finishing ahead of the Confucius Institute at Michigan State University!

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In 2015, he WSU Confucius Institute took part in the Capital City Dragon Boat Race for the second year in a row, while also providing Chinese entertainment for spectators. They were joined by the Confucius Institutes of Western Michigan University and Michigan State University.
The Capital City
Dragon Boat race, now in its sixth year, is a 300-meter race on the Grand River in  Lansing. Teams of twenty—18 rowers, a drummer and flag catcher, race against each other for fastest times. Because the current tends to favor one side over the other, two races are conducted with teams switching sides. The accumulated or average times determine final results.
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