Chinese Immersion Day


The Wayne State Confucius Institute held a Chinese Language Immersion Day on April 26, 2018 for students from Grosse Pointe Academy and Stoney Creek High School.
The event allows students to navigate their way through several real-life experiences, using only Chinese. Native Mandarin speakers provided four stations, requiring students to complete given tasks. The only acceptable language was Chinese--with no English allowed!
Stations included a restaurant, where students ordered food; a movie theater where they bought tickets for a specific show; a stationary shop, where they bought specified materials on a limited budget; and a classroom where students interviewed a new Chinese teacher, seeking the answers to various questions.
Confucius Institute staff also offered a traditional Chinese exercise called Baduanjin. Again, the instruction was conducted only in Mandarin. Afterward, a Chinese lunch was provided for all students and teachers participating in the event.
Bao Jing, a Chinese teacher from Stoney Creek High School, commented that the activity was particularly meaningful and allowed students to apply what they had learned to a real-world context.  She insisted that immersion opportunities such as this one, help test and encourage students who are passionate about Chinese. Finally, she expressed her gratitude and hoped that the WSU-CI will conduct similar activities in the future.

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Chinese Immersion Day 5/11/2018
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