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Since 2006 Wayne State University has partnered with Tsinghua University and individual donors to offer this summer service learning program in rural China. By traveling to remote regions and providing K-12 students with opportunities to learn and practice English, volunteers have inspired rural Chinese students to study English and other subjects included in the national college entrance exam. Five to seven Chinese students are paired with two to three American volunteers and assigned to rural schools throughout China. Volunteers spend 10-12 days at their respective sites and three days in Beijing before and after their journey to the countryside. The accompanying class, CHI 3990, requires readings, journals, and a qualitative research project.. Some financial aid is available for participants who complete coursework.

Please contact Dr. John Brender for information: brenderj@gmail.com; 313-577-3035 (Direct Line)

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"The CI trip was a wonderful experience for me. Being able to interact in a fulfilling, mutually educational capacity with people from across the globe has, I believe, helped me in my career in medicine and also in life to better appreciate people as individuals while also still being aware of their role and identity as part of a larger group with a culture all its own." --Brian Patrick Rutledge

"The CI trip was a great experience for me. It was rough at first because of culture shock, but that rough time was necessary so that I could see past my American customs, culture, and privilege. Learning how to build relationships with people from a different culture is one thing that was priceless for me. It has both opened my eyes to the flaws of my own culture and strengthened my personal beliefs and values. In spite of the tough times, I wouldn't trade that experience for the world, and I suggest that anyone who has a chance to go should take that chance and experience a new world and lifestyle!" --Ebon A. Pinson:

"The CI trip was unlike any other, and truly once-in-a-lifetime. It not only expanded my worldview and made me extremely grateful for what we are given in America, but also opened my eyes to just how hard other students work across the ocean. It also helped me to realize that while we may not all speak the same language, or come from the same culture, we are all still humans - and we have a LOT more in common than we do differences." --Andrew Reid 


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