Due to legal concerns, the WSU Confucius Institute will no longer offer the High School Summer Bridge program in China. Should another sponsor emerge, we will provide contact information on this site.



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 IMPORTANT! Please read the following.

The High School Summer Camp in China provides two weeks of Chinese language and cultural training in China each summer. Selected students need only pay for their airfare and visas; Hanban (Chinese Language Council International) provides all in-country expenses, including room, board, transportation, language instruction, cultural activities, and sightseeing tours. The program generally takes place during two weeks in July.

The High School Summer Camp is NOT an officially recognized program of Wayne State University, thus students and parents must sign a waiver releasing Wayne State University from any affiliation with and responsibility for this Hanban program. The WSU staff VOLUNTARILY recruits, interviews, tests, and selects high-school age applicants to represent the southeast Michigan area only. Interviews with students AND their parents or guardians take place in the spring. Applicants are selected based on maturity, enthusiasm for studying Chinese, and Chinese language ability.

Applicants and parents must understand that selected students will represent their country as well as the Confucius Institute at Wayne State University and that absolutely no behavioral infractions (e.g. disrespect, tardiness, disruptive behavior, consumption of alcohol, leaving the campus or group without permission, etc.) will be tolerated. Students and their parents or guardians must also understand that chaperons have the right to repatriate any student at their own discretion and that the student's parents or guardians will be responsible for their child's repatriation expenses (about $4000-$5000).

The WSU CI staff also helps choose chaperons at a ratio of approximately one chaperon for every nine to ten students. Hanban officials, however, must approve chaperon selection. Chaperons must pay for their own airfare and visas, but Hanban provides in-country expenses. Preference is given to chaperons who are teachers or regularly work with high-school age students. An ability to speak Chinese is preferable.

The CI staff coordinates air travel and visas and provides pre-departure orientations, but neither Wayne State University nor the Wayne State University Confucius Institute is an official sponsor of the program. For this reason, all applicants must purchase airfare individually and within a relatively short time span after flight information is communicated by the designated travel coordinator.

Students applying to the program through the Wayne State University Confucius Institute must be matriculated in a southeast Michigan high school. The program aims to reach students who are interested in China and have at least begun to study Chinese but who have had little or no prior exposure to China.

Special provisions cannot be guaranteed for students adhering to strict dietary restrictions such as vegetarianism or veganism. Although fruits and vegetables are available in many locations, it should be noted that many foods throughout China are cooked in lard and/or peanut oil.

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