Lab News and Accomplishments


April 2017:  Former lab member Bill Dodge accepts employment with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in Rhinelander, WI.


April 2017:  Julia Sosin, Maggie Tucker, and DMK have a paper published in Landscape Ecology that uses neutral landscape modeling to design jack pine plantations for Kirtland's warbler habitat.  Co-authors include Phil Huber (USFS) and former undergrad lab member Jake Dombrowski.  The work was part of Julia's undergraduate research in the lab.


April 2017:  DMK is elected to the Executive Committee of the US-Chapter if the International Association for Landscape Ecology annual meeting in Baltimore.


April 2017:  Maggie Tucker presents her initial modeling results at the US-IALE conference in Baltimore.


March 2017:  Maggie Tucker and Julia Sosin invite and host the Department's graduate student-chosen seminar speaker, Dr. Joseph Veldman from Iowa State.


March 2017:  DMK serves as an external reviewer for an Academic Program Review of the Environmental Science Program at the University of Nebraska-Omaha.


February 2017:  Ben Spei has his MS research published in Forest Ecology and Management.


February 2017:  DMK attends a workshop for the Experimental Plantings Subcommittee of the Kirtland's Warbler Conservation Team in Mio, MI.


January 2017:  Maggie Tucker is awarded a NASA-MSU Professional Enhancement Award, to be used to attend the 2017 Landscape Ecology conference in Baltimore in April.


January 2017:  DMK and Maggie Tucker attend the Stewardship Network Conference in Lansing.


January 2017:  DMK is named to the University's General Education Oversight Committee.


December 2016:  DMK is named to the Breeding Range and Experimental Plantings Subcommittees of the newly formed Kirtland's Warbler Conservation Team.


November 2016:  Julia Sosin is awarded a Michigan Garden Clubs scholarship.


October 2016:  DMK presents a talk on the persistence of green ash in southeastern Michigan at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.


September 2016:  Ben Spei (lab alum) is awarded an Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award from the Department of Biological Sciences.


September 2016:  Doug Putt and Julia Sosin join the lab as MS students.


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