Dan Kashian

Dan began at Wayne State in August 2006.  His background is in forest ecology, with an interest in the impacts of disturbances on forested landscapes.  His research and teaching has taken him to Colorado, Wyoming, Minnesota, and Michigan.  For now his favorite ecosystems are dominated by either ash, aspen, or jack pine.


Postdoctoral Associates


 Maggie Tucker

Maggie completed her PhD in the lab in February 2019. She was an undergraduate in the Environmental Science Program at Wayne State.  Her research has focused on interactions between climate change, wildfire, and forest management in the jack pine forests and barrens in the northern Lower Peninsula.  Her postdoctoral work is continuing this line of work, examining changes in fuels with succession in jack pine forests and the potential impacts of those changes on fire risk and behavior.






MS Students


Julia Sosin



Doug Putt





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