A critical part of teaching involves including undergraduate students in research, particularly field research. Our lab actively involves students as field assistants on most field projects, and I encourage and advise interested undergraduate students to conduct their own independent research in our lab.


Below are some examples of our Wayne State Undergraduates in action.  Right click on the photo and select "view image" to expand it; select "view image info" for description.

Julia Sosin sampling in jack pine in northern Lower Michigan  Tori Schneider (left) and Lisa Cross (right) sample amphibians in southeastern MichiganJacob Korte and Becky Jackson sample soil in YellowstoneAmanda Sehmer (right) and Tanya Martin lay oput plots in YellowstoneWayne State field crew in Grand Teton National ParkAmanda Buszek (left) and Becky Jackson enjoy a summer downpour (and bugs) in WyomingLisa Cross deploys decomposition bags in ephemeral ponds in southeastern MichganMichael Barber shows his little spotted friendLisa Cross (left) and Jen Fugaban process thier amphibian samples in southeastern MichiganGuadalupe Cummins in thick lodgepole pine regeneration in YellowstoneField crew traveling to plot in Grand Teton NPA portion of the Terrestrial Lab on the Stephanie Brown sampling aspen in ColoradoThick stuff!WSU field crew at Mystic Falls, Yellowstone



Wayne State undergraduates who have been involved in research in the Terrrestrial Lab since 2008:

Michael Barber (field)

Stephanie Brown (field and lab)

Tim Bryson (herbarium)

Amanda Buszek (field and lab)

Lena Cicchelli (field)

Lisa Cross (field and lab)

Milka Cucuz (herbarium)

Guadalupe Cummins (field)

Colette Czarnecki (field)

Jake Dombrowski (field and lab)

Joe Estrada (herbarium)

Aimee Faloppa (lab)

Jen Fugaban (undergrad research; field)

Becky Jackson (field and lab)

Cassandra Hackstock (field)

Saly Kato (herbarium)

Jacob Korte (undergrad research; field and lab)

Katie Krupp (undergrad resdarch)

Rohan Kulkarni (herbarium)

Lisa Kyle (undergrad research)

Craig Landry (field)

Nick Marengo (field and lab)

Tanya Martin (field)

Jenna Merlo (field)

John Niedermiller (field)

Amanda Pruehs (field)

Doug Putt (field)

John Rubio (field)

Amanda Sehmer (field and lab)

Matt Sieloff (lab)

Ben Spei (undergrad research)

Tony Spencer (field)

Sara Sosa (field)

Julia Sosin (undergrad research; field, lab, herbarium)

Dana Sugar (field)

Clare Surmont (field)

Vanessa Verstraete (field)

Christina Yousif (herbarium)

Peter Zlobicki (field)




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