The Wayne State University Herbarium is a little-known but substantial herbarium located in the Museum of Natural History in the Department of Biological Sciences.  Most of the specimens were collected between about 1900 and 1960, and include an excellent representation of local and regional flora.  The herbarium includes a small collection of the Linum (collected by C. Marvin Rogers, a past faculty member of the Department) that includes a holotype; and a bound collection of North American Gramineae and Cyperaceae by Asa Gray (world-famous botanist).  Floral records from the Wayne State Herbarium have been recently been used for botanical research by PhD students across the country; notably, the herbarium was visited and studied in detail by Ed Voss during his original research for Michigan Flora.  We also recently participated in the University of Michigan's Mellon Foundation imaging project; and the herbarium is included in the list of Michigan Herbaria for the United States Virtual Herbaium Project.

Our herbarium was in storage for several decades and is currently being re-catalogued,  The bulk of this work is being done for credit by undergraduates occasionally completing directed studies, and therefore the process is slow.  We have cataloged over 10,000 records thus far; a list of those records is available for download here.  If you are interested in a record loan or a visit to the Wayne State Herbarium, please contact Dan Kashian (information below).

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