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Nineteenth-Century Women Writing Wonder: Subverting Tradition (anthology project)

Anthology project of French, German, and British nineteenth-century women writers of fairy tales. Texts to be co-edited and translated by Dr. Julie Koehler (German), Dr. Shandi Wagner (English), Professor Anne Duggan (French), and Ph.D. candidate Adrion Dula (French). With Corinna Peet, Ph.D. candidate in German, and Lacey Skorepa, Ph.D. candidate in English. Funded by the WSU President's Research Enhancement Award in the Arts and Humanities, 2016-17.


Specific Aims

This project proposes to fill a current gap in fairy-tale scholarship by making accessible fairy-tale texts written by nineteenth-century French, German, and British women authors. By translating many stories for the first time from the French and German tale traditions and republishing British tales that are not currently available in print, we hope to bring these women’s voices back into the critical discussion of fairy tales and onto the bookshelves of English-speaking fairy-tale readers. The tales chosen address such themes as class, race, female agency, and the gothic that were of concern to women writers across these language areas. Reading these texts together from different national traditions opens up our understanding of how women writers in general and how fairy-tale writers in particular approached such themes. At the same time, the anthology provides insight into the ways in which the fairy tale provided a vehicle for women writers--often marginalized and excluded from more “official” or “public” genres--to engage in very serious debates. In presenting an international tradition of proto-feminist fairy tales by women, this anthology proposes to provide a missing link in the tradition of the feminist fairy tale, showing how this tradition continued from the more studied seventeenth-century French conteuses to the feminist fairy tales that gained popularity following the 1970s by authors such as Angela Carter, Margaret Atwood, and Emma Donoghue. 

Authors to be included: 

French authors: Stéphanie Félicité, comtesse de Genlis, Félicité de Choiseul-Meuse, Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, George Sand, Julie Delafaye (Bréhier)

German-language authors: Sophie Tieck, Benedikte Naubert, Caroline de la Motte Fouqué, Dörthen Wild, Karoline Stahl, Adele Schopenhauer, Gisela von Arnim, Elisabeth Ebeling, Hedwig Dorns

British authors: Anne Bronwell Jameson, Mary Shelley, Letitia Elizabeth Landon, Elizabeth Gaskell, Christina Rossetti, Mary de Morgan, George Egerton

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