Frederic Pearson - Professor

Professor Pearson studies international military intervention, arms trade, and international conflict. Among his recent publications are the fourth edition of International Relations: The Global Condition in the Late Twentieth Century with J.M. Rochester along with a text on international political economy with WSU Ph.D. Simon Payaslian. Dr. Pearson has two books on the international arms trade: The Global Spread of Arms (Westview Press, 1994); and Arms and Warfare (University of South Carolina Press, 1994) on the effect of arms transfers during war with a colleague at the University of Hamburg in . They, along with WSU Ph.D. candidate, Chris Crantz, have a joint article on these effects in the 1994 Yearbook of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). His teaching interests include the causes of war, international theory, the roots of social conflict and Middle East politics.


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Research Area
World Politics / International Relations
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