Research on Legislative Parties

Partisan Bonds: Political Reputations and Legislative Accountability . Cambridge University Press. Series on the Political Economy of Institutions and Decisions

“A Bayesian Learning Model with Applications to Party Identification” Journal of Theoretical Politics

How do Legislators Commit to Partisan Logrolls in Emerging Democracies?” Working Paper


Research on Non-Linear Modeling

Untangling Neural Nets: A response to Beck, King, and Zeng” (with de Marchi and Gelpi) American Political Science Review.

Specification Issues in Proximity Models of Candidate Evaluation (with Issue Importance)” (with Corrigan) Political Analysis

A Better Solution to the Problem of Projection Effects in Proximity Models of Candidate Evaluation” Working Paper


Research on Southern Politics/Race and Politics

“The Impact of Electoral Rules on Factional Competition in the Democratic South, 1919-1948” Party Politics

Racial Distancing in a Southern City: Latino Immigrants’ Views of Black Americans” (with McClain et al) Journal of Politics

Black Americans and Latino Immigrants in a Southern City: Friendly Neighbors or Economic Competitors?” with McClain et al) Dubose Review

Did Southerners Favor Slavery? Inferences from an Analysis of Prices in New Orleans, 1805-1860” (with Munger)


Research on Political Machines

 Electoral Monopolies and the Provision of Public Goods: A Contrarian Perspective 

Book Proposal for Principals and Agents: Elections, Governance, and the Two Faces of Party Leadership

A Political Economic Model of Party Organization Type and Municipal Governance” Working Paper

Public Goods Provision and Ruling Party Type” Working Paper

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