Life's Ratchet

What makes dead matter become alive? A lightning strike over Frankenstein’s castle?
No, the deep gulf between life and death is bridged by the feverish activity of molecular machines in our cells. Science Fiction writers may warn us of impending doom from marauding swarms of man-made nanobots, but real molecular ‘nanobots’ that turn inert matter into living flesh have already existed for billions of years. Although the science of these remarkable molecules is being unraveled through the tools of Nanotechnology, the story of this nanoscale revolution has not yet been told.
My new book is a book about life written from the point of view of a physicist. It tells the story how physics and biology converge at the nanoscale and takes a fresh look at the ancient question: What is Life? At the center of the book is the story of Brownian ratchets; molecular machines that generate ‘purposeful’ activity from the relentless chaos of random molecular motion. These are the nanobots at the heart of life’s mystery.
Life's ratchet is a popular science book aimed at all readers interested in the ultimate questions of life. This includes science lovers as well as spiritual truth seekers. The book is highly accessible; not requiring prior knowledge of physics, biology or mathematics. It is based on the most current science; bringing complex ideas to ‘life’ through everyday examples, references to popular culture and historical anecdotes.


STARRED REVIEW: "A fascinating mix of cutting-edge science with philosophy and theology."



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