Kameshwari (Kami) Pothukuchi - Director / Associate Professor


  • Community food systems (browse SEED Wayne website, watch a video)
  • Community participation in planning
  • Race, gender, ethnicity issues in community planning

Teaching (Recent)

  • UP 7010:  Planning and Decision Theory
  • UP 6210:  Urban Design Elements; Workshop
  • UP 5430 (W):  Cities and Food (includes SEED Wayne Seminar Series on Building a More Sustainable Food System in Detroit)
  • UP 5610:  Managing public participation 

Browse a page from a recent article (Greenstein et al, 2015, Journal of Planning Education and Research) that showcases the influence of my research on the teaching of food systems planning across the country.

Selected Publications

  • Pothukuchi, K. Forthcoming, online 2017. 'To allow farming is to give up on the city.' Political anxieties related to vacant land disposition for urban agriculture in Detroit. Journal of Urban Affairs.
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2016 (online). Bringing fresh produce to corner stores in declining neighborhoods: Lessons from Detroit FRESH. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, Fall.
  • T. Ledoux, I. Vojnovic, J. Thomas, K. Pothukuchi. 2016 (Online). Disinvestment, the Neighborhood Food Environment and Obesity in Detroit. Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie, November.
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2015. Five decades of community food planning in Detroit: City and grassroots, growth and equity. Journal of Planning Education and Research, June, DOI: 10.1177/0739456X15586630
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2015. Urban agriculture in Detroit: History and prospects (pages 279-298). In M. H. Chumbler, S. E. Negro, and L. E. Bechler, eds., Urban Agriculture: Policy, Law, Strategy, and Implementation. Chicago: American Bar Association, Section on State and Local Government Law.
  • Pothukuchi, K. and S. Molnar. 2014. Sustainable Food Systems at Urban Public Universities: A survey of U-21 Universities, Journal of Urban Affairs, DOI: 10.1111/juaf.12149.
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2012. Building sustainable food systems in a single bottom line context: Lessons from SEED Wayne, Wayne State University. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development, 2(3): 103-119.
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2011. The Detroit Food System Report, 2009-10. Detroit: Detroit Food Policy Council. The full report is here.
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2010. Building sustainable, just food systems in Detroit. Sustainability, 4(4): 193-198.
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2009. Community and Regional Food Planning: Building Institutional Support in the United States, International Planning Studies 14(4): 349-67.
  • Pothukuchi, K. and R. Wallace. 2009. Healthy, Equitable Transportation Policy: Recommendations and Research (S. Malekafzali, ed).  Oakland, CA: Policy Link, Prevention Institute, and Convergence Partnership, pp. 113-130.
  • Pothukuchi, K., R. Mohamed and D. Gebben. 2008. Explaining disparities in food code compliance by food stores: Does community matter? Agriculture and Human Values, 25 (3), 319-332, Fall.
  • Kaufman, J., K. Pothukuchi, and D. Glosser (in consultation with American Planning Association members). 2007. "Community and Regional Food Planning: A Policy Guide of the American Planning Association." Formally adopted by APA Legislative and Policy Committee, Delegates Assembly, and the APA Board at the 2007 APA national conference, Philadelphia.  
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2007.  Building Community Food Security: Lessons from Community Food Projects, 1999-2003. Los Angeles: Community Food Security Coalition.
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2005. “Building partnerships for health: Assessing action research components in a university-community collaboration,” Planning Practice and Research, 20(2): 127-146.
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2005. “Attracting supermarkets to the inner city: Economic Development outside the box.” Economic Development Quarterly, 19(2): 232-44.
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2004. “Hortaliza: Youth ‘nutrition garden’ in Southwest Detroit,” Field Report, Children, Youth, and Environments, 14(2).
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2004. “Community Food Assessment: A First Step in Planning for Community Food Security,” Journal of Planning Education and Research, 23(4): 356-77.
  • Pothukuchi, K., H. Joseph, H. Burton, and A. Fisher. 2002. What's Cooking in Your Food System? A Guide to Community Food Assessment; Los Angeles: Community Food Security Coalition.
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2001. "Effectiveness and empowerment in shelter policy: Lessons from a study of working women's hostels in Bangalore, India." International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 25(2): 362-79, June. 
  • Pothukuchi, K. and J. Kaufman. 2000. "The food system: A stranger to urban planning." Journal of the American Planning Association, 66(2): 113:24, Spring.
  • Pothukuchi, K. and J. Kaufman. 1999. "Placing food issues on the community agenda: The role of municipal institutions in food systems planning." Agriculture and Human Values, 16: 213-24, Fall.

For citation counts, browse my profile on Google Scholar

Selected publications aimed at community-based audiences, food advocacy community; opinions.

Selected invited lectures/ invited presentations

  • 2016. "Addressing disparities in access to healthy foods." Mayor's Summit on Health Equity in Detroit, Wayne State University, May 3-4.
  • 2016   Western Michigan University, Center for the Humanities, Reimagining Community Series: 'What is the community that feeds you? Reimagining food, reimagining community." March 17. Office for Sustainability, Community conversation on universities and sustainability, March 18. Listen to WMUK interview, March 9.
  • 2014   Iowa State University (College of Design, April 9; Graduate Program in Sustainable Agriculture, April 10), "Planning for Sustainable Food Systems," Ames, IA.
  • 2014   "Urban Agriculture in Detroit: History and prospects," American Bar Association, Local and State Government Section, Asheville, NC, April 25.
  • 2012   "Models of food planning in the United States," Planning for food – towards a prosperous, resilient and healthy food system through Victoria’s Metropolitan Planning Strategy, forum organized by Victorian Health Alliance and Heart Foundation, Melbourne, Australia, November 9.
  • 2011   "Sustainable food systems in large public institutes: SEED Wayne in Detroit, USA," OtherWise Lecture Series, Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands, November 29.
  • 2011   "Campus-community collaboration for sustainable food systems: The SEED Wayne experience," Berea College, Kentucky, October 21.
  • 2010   Food Planning: A Resource for Healthy People, Communities, and Regions, Regional Food Summit, St. Louis, MO, March 4.
  • 2009   “The Food and Transportation Systems: Convergence for Health” presented at American Public Health Association Annual Conference, Invited participation on panel convened by Prevention Institute, Philadelphia, PA, November 11.
  • 2008   Keynote, “Community and Regional Food Planning,” at Feeding the City conference, Cardiff University, Department of City and Regional Planning, Cardiff, Wales, UK, November 5-6.
  • 2007   Keynote, “Community and Regional Food Planning," University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, September 14.
  • 2007   Keynote, Future Foods for Future Health Conference, co-sponsored by VicHealth, Melbourne, Australia, July 25.
  • 2007   "Community and regional food planning," lectures to planners, public health and food system advocates, Melbourne (July 23-25) and Sydney (July 19), Australia.
  • 2007   “Food planning for (d)well-being” (April 5), (D)wellbeing Lecture Series, and presentation to environmental planning class (April 6), University of British Columbia, Vancouver.
  • 2007   “State policies and planning for food access,” Southwest Food Marketing Network Annual Conference, Phoenix, Arizona, March 26.
  • 2006   Public Lecture (Sept. 26) and panel participation (Sept. 27) “Community Food Security: Concepts and practices,” organized by New Orleans Food and Farm Network, New Orleans, LA.
  • 2006   “Lessons from successful supermarkets in low income areas,” National Conference of State Legislatures Food Policy Field Trips, Philadelphia, PA, Sept. 8.
  • 2006   “Building capacity for community food security,” Food for Talk Seminar Series, York University, Toronto, January 27.
  • 2006   “Getting more: Policy tools for the Triple Bottom Line in Retail Grocery,” at From Pilots to Practice Conference, Prevention Institute, San Francisco, CA, January 11-12.
  • 2005. Keynote panel. “Planning for sustainable food systems” Sustainable Landscapes Conference, Utah State University, Logan, UT, April 5.
  • 2004   Public Lecture, Toledo Botanical Society, “Building a Sustainable Food System: What Works,” Sanger Public Library, Toledo, August 13. 

Selected professional leadership/ governance experiences 

  • 2014-Curr.  Chair, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Wayne State University (2014-15, Interim Chair).
  • 2008-Curr.  Founding Director, SEED Wayne, Sustainable Food Systems Education and Engagement in Detroit and Wayne State University (clas.wayne.edu/seedwayne).  A campus-community collaborative dedicated to building student leadership in sustainable food systems through activities in education, research, and engagement on WSU’s campus and in Detroit area communities. Community partners include nonprofit organizations involved in urban agriculture, food security, farm-to-institution linkages, and food planning and policy development. Browse newsletter SEEDLING archive.
  • 2009-14  Co-founder, Detroit Food Policy Council, Detroit, MI. Vice Chair, 2009-11; Chair, Research and Policy Committee, 2011-14. Member, Convening Committee (charged by Detroit City Council), 2009.
  • 2005-13  Founding Co-Chair (with Jerry Kaufman and Deanna Glosser), Food Interest Group (initially, Food Planning Steering Committee), American Planning Association.
  • 2005-08  Board member, Detroit Agriculture Network, Detroit, MI.
  • 2003-07  Board member, Agrarian Adventure, Ann Arbor, MI.
  • 1999-2005  Board member,Community Food Security Coalition, Los Angeles, CA; Secretary, 2003-04; Chair, Healthy Food Access Committee, 2000-2004.
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