Recognizing 500 years of Reformation

Deutsch macht Spaß im Lutherjahr!

In honor of the 500-year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, Drs. Julie Koehler and Nicole Coleman organized an event series at Wayne State University in the Fall Semester of 2017. The focal point of the series was a poster exhibition about Martin Luther’s life (he lived between 1483 and 1546 in Eisleben, Germany), and the world around 1500. Koehler and Coleman were awarded funding from the American Association for Teachers of German through a program called "Deutsch macht Spaß," or "German Creates Fun."  Information from the exhibit can be viewed here.

The series opened with the roundtable “Reforming Societies between Religion and State,” which expanded on the Luther theme by considering reform in different time periods and geographic locations. Between opening and closing, Koehler and Coleman organized three more talks – literature focused (fairy tales in the Reformation period), historical (women and sexuality in the Reformation period) and on current politics and religion (reforming Islam).

Two student-led culture organizations showed films (Luther, 2003; and The Priest, 2009). On Reformation Day, October 31st, the exhibit closed with a party. Refreshments were provided, and, at the end, visitors hung their theses on the “Waynettenberg” door that is now exhibited on the first floor of Manoogian.

Visitors of the exhibit and the talks included students, faculty and staff from the German area of CMLLC, as well as from other language areas and from related disciplines across campus. There were also visitors from Protestant churches and German high school students in the area. The exhibit is now closed, but the door is still standing—feel free to stop by and add your thesis for how you would change the world!

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Recognizing 500 years of Reformation 11/27/2017
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