Students must complete 120 credits in course work including satisfaction of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Group. A major in Spanish requires the completion of 36 Spanish credit hours beyond SPA 2010 and 6 cognate course credits, for a total of 42 credits. Students can start with SPA 2025, or a higher level course, depending upon placement.

Spanish Requirements

  1. Spa 2025 Cultural Connections I (3 credits)
  2. Spa 3025 Cultural Connections II (3 credits)
  3. Spa 3300 Intro to Cultural and Textual Analysis (3 credits)
  4. One of the following: Spa 4610 Intro to Early Modern Spanish Lit (3 credits) OR Spa 4620 Intro to Modern and Contemporary Spanish Lit II (3 credits)
  5. One of the following: Spa 4630 Intro to Colonial Latin American Lit (3 credits) OR Spa 4640 Intro to Modern and Contemporary Spanish-American Lit (3 credits)
  6. Spa 5100 Advanced Composition (3 credits)
  7. Spa 5200 Spanish Phonetics (3 credits)
  8. One of the following: Spa 5550 Spanish Culture and its Tradition (3 credits) OR Spa 5560 Spanish-American Culture and their Traditions (3 credits) OR Spa 5570 Topics in Hispanic Culture or Language (3 credits)
  9. One elective at the 3000 level or higher (3 credits)
  10. One literature course at 6000 level (3 credits)
  11. Two electives at the 5000-6000 level (6 credits)
  1. Cognate Requirement: 6 credit hours required, of cognate courses to be approved by the advisor. Cognate classes are any courses taken outside of the Spanish area courses that relate to language, literature, Spain or Latin American. Below is a non-inclusive list of cognate courses:
  • Any literature course in the English Dept. numbered 2200 or above
  • Any course in a foreign language dept. numbered 3000 or above and not in major language area
  • Anthropology
    • ANT3220 : The Inca and their Ancestors
    • ANT 3540: Cultures and Societies of Latin America
  • Art History
    • Art History 5420: Art and Architecture of Medieval Spain
    • Art History 5820: Precolumbian Art of South and Central America
  • Chicano and Boricua Studies
    • CBS 2100 Chicano Literature and Culture
    • CBS 2110 Puerto Rican Literature and Culture
    • CBS 2420 History of Puerto Rico
    • CBS 2450 (HIS 1991): Latin America from Independence to the Present
    • CBS 2430 (HIS 2430) History of Latinos in the US
    • CBS 2410 (HIS 2440) History of Mexico
    • CBS 3510 (ANT 5510) Precolombian Mesoamerican Cultures
    • CLA 2000 Greek Mythology
    • CLA 3999 Further Studies in Mythology (CLA 6260)
    • GPH 2810 Geography of Latin America
      GPH 3200 Europe
  • HISTORY: HIS 1300 Europe and the World: 1500-1945
    • LIN 2720 (ENG 2720) Basic Concepts of Linguistics
    • LIN 2730 Languages of the World
    • LIN 5290 (ENG 5710) Phonology
    • LIN 5310 (ANT 5310) Language and Culture
    • LIN 5320 (ANT 5320) Language and Societies
    • LIN 5570 (PHI 5570) Philosophy of Language
    • LIN 5700 (ENG 5700) Introduction to Linguistic Theory
  • Romance Languages FRE/GER/ITA/RUS/SPA 2700: Anguish and Commitment: European Existentialist Literature (register in subject other than that of the major)
Students interested in majoring in Spanish should see the majors' adviser as soon as possible. For further information, consult with the Undergraduate Advisor, Chris Clark, 313-577-6240, and your instructor.
New Spanish Requirements as of Fall 2002 -
(36 Spanish credits; 6 cognate course credits for a total of 42 credits)
List of elective courses:
3200 (3)______Intermediate Conversation
3040 (3)______Commercial Spanish
3050 (3)______Spanish for the Health Care Professions
5300 (3)______Advanced Grammar and Stylistics
5400 (3)______Technical and Literary Translation
6400 (3)______Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
6410 (3)______Spanish Medieval Literature
6420 (3)______Spanish Literature of the Renaissance
6430 (3)______Spanish Literature of the Baroque Period
6440 (3)______Spanish Literature of the 18th Century
6450 (3)______Spanish Romanticism
6460 (3)______Spanish Novel of the 19th Century
6470 (3)______Spanish Novel of the 20th Century
6490 (3)______Spanish Poetry of the 19th and 20th Centuries
6560 (3)______Cervantes
6570 (3)______The Comedia
6590 (3)______Genres and Topics in Peninsular Spanish Literature (Topic: _________________)
6600 (3)______Spanish American Colonial Literature
6620 (3)______The Spanish American Novel II
6630 (3)______Spanish American Poetry
6670 (3)______Latin American Novel to 1900
6690 (3)______Genres and Topics in Spanish American Literature (Topic: _______________)
6700 (3)______Spanish Literature of the Silver Age: 1900-1936
6710 (3)______Unamuno's Existential Fiction
* Students in the combined programs must, if they wish a B.A. from Liberal Arts and Sciences,complete the requirements for the General Major.
*All students majoring in Spanish, at the beginning of the semester in which they intend to graduate, should consult with the Major Advisor regarding the evaluation of Spanish called Assessment of Knowledge in the Major. This is a requirement of all graduating majors. It is an evaluation instrument aimed at assessing the breadth and depth of the major's training.
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