Van Deven Scholarship in Classical Studies

The Van Deven Scholarship is awarded annually to a Classics major who has displayed academic excellence. The award provides tuition for one Classics course up to 4 credits in the semester after it is awarded.  Deadline for applications:  March 1. See the Dr. Thomas Kohn for details.

CAMWS Award for Outstanding Accomplishment in Classical Studies

The CAMWS (Classical Association of the Mid West and South) Award is given annually to an outstanding senior major who shows promise to become a scholar or teacher of Classics. The award provides one year's free membership in the Association.  Deadline for applications:  March 1.  See the undergraduate advisor for details.

Eta Sigma Phi

Students who maintain an A average in the elementary language sequence (in Greek or Latin) are invited to join Eta Sigma Phi.  The department pays the induction fee.  Each student inducted into Eta Sigma Phi is awarded a Greek or Roman coin in honor of their achievement


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