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Wayne State University


Conference Sessions are in the Student Center





10am-6pm:  Registration, Hilberry Rooms E-F


            1:15-1:25 Conveners’ Welcome (Ballroom C)

Anne E. Duggan (Wayne State University) & Cristina Bacchilega (University of Hawaiʻi-Mānoa)


            1:30-3:00 pm (Ballroom C)

Transmedial Storytelling and Politics

Chair: Rocio Quispe-Agnoli (Michigan State University)

            1. Anne Kustritz (Utrecht University)

Revolutionary America from Concord and Lexington to Ferguson: Folk Transmediation of Historical Storytelling

            2. Amy Carlson (University of Hawaiʻi-Mānoa)

Kissing the Mermaid: Adaptation, Popular Cultural Memory, and Maya Kern’s Webcomic How to be a Mermaid

            3. Ida Yoshinaga (University of Hawaiʻi-Mānoa)

Story Structure, Global Adaptation, and the Cultural Narrative: Some Lessons from Disney’s Moana in Adapting Fantastic Folklore into the Hollywood Screenplay Form

            4. Sheng-mei Ma (Michigan State University)                       

Bingxue: Alchemical Poetics in Nordic Beowulf and Taoist Monkey CGI


            3:15-4:15 (Ballroom C)

Storytelling against Empire

Chair: Donald Haase (Wayne State University)

            1. Lewis C. Seifert (Brown University)

Colonial and Postcolonial Tricksters: Francophone Adaptations in West Africa and the Caribbean

            2. Andrew Teverson (Kingston University)

Storytelling and Revolution: The Role of Tradition in the Political Theory of Frantz Fanon and Amilcar Cabral 

            3. Isaac Wang (University of Hawaiʻi-Mānoa)

Feasting on Anae Holo: The Sustaining Potential of Indigenous Wonder Tales


            4:30-4:45 Video Presentation (Ballroom C)

Marina Warner

            5:00-6:15 Keynote (Ballroom C)

Jack Zipes (University of Minnesota, Emeritus Professor)

“Speaking the Truth with Fairy Tales: The Power of the Powerless”



6:30-7:30 Reception Manoogian Hall Romanian Room (408 Manoogian)





8:30-9:30am Coffee (Hilberry E-F)


            9:30-11am (Ballroom C)

Re-Visioning Traditional Fairy Tales in Performance

Chair: Kay Turner (American Folklore Society)

            1. Joseph Sobol (East Tennessee State University)

“Jack and the Giants’ Newground”

            2. Janice Del Negro (Dominican University)             

“A Change of Voice: New Narrators for Old Tales”

            3. Milbre Burch (University of Missouri-Columbia) 

Trans-gender Identities in Program “Changing Skins”

            4. Jack Zipes (University of Minnesota emeritus)                  

Catherine Storr’s "Polly Riding Hood"


            11:15-12:45 (Ballroom C)

Teaching and Unlearning with Stories

Chair: Janet Langlois (Wayne State University)

            1. Sara Cleto and Brittany Warman (The Ohio State University)

Teaching with Stories: Pedagogy, Empathy, and the Fairy Tale

            2. Caryn Kunz Lesuma (University of Hawaiʻi -Mānoa)

Sā Nafanuā: Reconstituting Nafanua as Female Empowerment in Samoan Literature

            3. Hannah Spencer (Kamehameha Schools)

ʻieikawai: Imagining Alternatives through Allegory and Translation

            4. Enongene Mirabeau Sone (Walter Sisulu University)

Oral Literature, Liberty and Political Change in Africa


            Lunch 12:45-1:45 pm


            2:00-3:00 Keynote (Ballroom C)

Dan Taulapapa McMullin, poet, artist, independent filmmaker

“The Fag End of Fagogo”


            3:15-4:45 Parallel Sessions (Hilberry C & D)

Heroism and Its Metamorphoses

Chair: Andrew Newman (Wayne State University)

            1. Karan Singh (Govt. College Mahendergarh)

Sacralising Profane/Animalising Divine: Human-Animal Metamorphoses in the Folklore of Rajas Bharthari and Gopi Chand

            2. Jyoti Yadav (Govt. College for Women, Mahendergarh)

Martial Horses, Ascetic Heroes: Human Animal Entanglements in North Indian Folk Epics            

            3. Roger Crum (University of Dayton)

Carving a Boy and Creating a Country: Pinocchio and the Conflict of the Italian Risorgimento        

            4. Psyche Z Ready (George Mason University)

“Must I go, and must I do this thing”: Women Warriors, Cross-dressers, and the Need to Take up the Sword in Folklore, Fairytales, and Legend


Meta Fairy Tales and Structures of Power

Chair: Jill Rudy (Brigham Young University)

            1. Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic (Rutgers University, Camden)

Fairy Tales, Children’s Television, and the Cold War

            2. Christy Williams (Hawaiʻi Pacific University)

Metafiction and Metaphor: Fairy Tales in the Korean Drama Secret Garden

            3. Allison Norris (University of Winnipeg)   

Burden and the Beast: Class as the Curse in Passengers

            4. Kerry Olivetti (Marquette University)

Lost without Breadcrumbs: A Crisis of Family and Religion in Robert Eggers' The Witch


            5:00-6:15 Parallel Workshops (Hilberry C & D)

Film: Dan Taulapapa McMullin, screening of 100 Tikis + Q&A

Fiction Workshop: Veronica Schanoes, “Historical Fiction and Female Characters”


Evening open





8:00-9:00am Coffee (Dance Room 010)


            9:00-10:30 am (Dance Room 020)

Fairy Tales and Conflicts in American History

Chair: Karen Marrero (Wayne State University)

            1. Christine Jones (University of Utah)

Sidonie de la Houssaye, Armed for the Resistance with French Fairy Tales             

            2. Susan Wood (University of Mississippi)

Vladimir Nabokov’s Implicit Critique of American Society through Fairy-Tale Archetypes in Lolita

            3. Daniel Compora (University of Toledo)

Darkening the Fairy: The Post-9/11 Effect

            4. Jeana Jorgensen (Butler University)

Pretty Boys and Demon Lovers: Masculinity and Sexuality in Contemporary American Fairy Tales


            10:45-11:45 Parallel Sessions (Dance Room 020 & 025)

Once Upon a Time of Conflicts in the Kingdom of Louis XIV

Chair: Lewis C. Seifert (Brown University)

            1. Charlotte Trinquet du Lys (University of Central Florida)

Women-Soldiers’ Tales during Louis XIV’s War Conflicts  

            2. Sophie Raynard (Stony Brook University)

Perrault vs. the Conteuses in the Quarrel

            3. Pierre-Emmanuel Moog (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales)

Mataquin, Cantalabutte and the Geopolitics of Perrault’s “Sleeping Beauty”


Troubling Tradition

Chair: Pauline Greenhill (University of Winnipeg)

            1. Julie L. J. Koehler (Wayne State University)

Kind Girls Revolt: Bettina von Arnim’s “The Tale of the Lucky Purse”

            2. Jackielee Derks (Marquette University)

American Fairy Tale: Interrogating Feminine Ideals in Louisa May Alcott’s “A Modern Cinderella”

            3. Abigail Heiniger (Bluefield College)

Writing from the Fringes: Dangerous Irish Fairy Tales



            Lunch 12:00-1:00


            1:00-2:00 pm Keynote (Dance Room 020)

Veronica Schanoes (Queens College, CUNY)

Dancing in Thorns: Jewishness and Wonder in Jewish Responses to the Grimms”


            2:15-3:45 (Dance Room 020)

Traumas, Healing, and Fairy-Tale Poetics

Chair: Don Haase (Wayne State University)

            1. Kristiana Willsey (UCLA)

Shock and Awe: On Enchantment, Trauma, and Narrative Middles  

            2. Weronika Kostecka (University of Warsaw)

Once Upon a Time There Was a War: The Use of Fairy-tale Conventions in Contemporary Polish Tales about War and Trauma

            3. Jill Terry Rudy (Brigham Young University)

Agency and Domestic Tranquility after Wonder in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella(s)

            4. Mirisen Ozpek (Purdue University)

Queer Imagination and Healing through Fairy Tales  


            4:00-5:30 (Dance Room 020)

Tales of Captivity, Migration, Xenophobia

Chair: Leonidas Pittos (Wayne State University)

            1. Nazli Ipek Hüner-Cora (University of Chicago)

Surviving in “Infidel” Lands: Ottoman Tales of Captivity and Conversion

            2. Maria Kaliambou (Yale University)           

“Travel to a Foreign Land”: Perceptions of Migration and Cosmopolitanism in Greek Oral Traditions

            3. Cullen R Brown (University of Mississippi)

The Fairy-Tale Form, Empathy, and Immigration in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Feathertop”   

            4. Ulrich Marzolph (Academy of Sciences and Humanities at Göttingen)

The Never-ending Nights: The Continuous Fascination of the Arabian Nights in Times of Xenophobia      


6pm: Wayne State University Press Reception and Cash Bar (McGregor Memorial Conference Center)


Check out Friday Night Live at the Detroit Institute of Arts! Free live music with cash bar at Rivera Court at 7pm and 8:30




8:30-9:30am Coffee (Ballroom C, back)


            9:30-11:00 (Ballroom C)

Contemporary Re-imaginings of Human-Animal Entanglements in the Fairy Tale

Chair: Christy Williams (Hawaiʻi Pacific University)

            1. Mayako Murai (Kanagawa University)

Sewing Wedding Dresses for Interspecies Marriages: Tomoko Konoike’s Reimagining of Animal Bridegroom Tales after the Tohoku Earthquake                                               

            2. Daniela Kato (Kyoto Institute of Technology)

The Biopolitics of Paula Rego’s Woman-Animal Hybrids                                        

            3. Danielle Wood (University of Tasmania)

The (Tasmanian) Devil in Baba Yaga                                                            

            4. Kaisa Lappalainen (University of New Mexico)    

Recall of the Fairy Tale Wolf:  Little Red Riding Hood and Contemporary Wolf Politics     


11:15-12:30 Keynote (Ballroom C)

Pauline Greenhill (University of Winnipeg)

Camera Obscura and Zoetrope: Tarsem Singh and Magic (Realism) in Postcolonial, Transcultural Fairy Tale Film


Lunch 12:30-1:30


1:30-2:30 (Ballroom C)

Transcultural Conflicts and Situated Fairy Tales

Chair: Veronica Schanoes (Queens College)

            1. Claudia Schwabe (Utah State University)

Taming the Monstrous Other in Fairy Tales: Postmodern Representations of the Big Not-So-Bad Wolf     

            2. Sadhana Naithani (Jawaharlal Nehru University)

The Ratcatcher in Times of Conflict

            3. Katrina Gutierrez (Lantana Publishing)

Asian Superheroes: When the Unlikely Blend of Eastern Magic and Western Heroism Saves the Day!


            2:45-4:00 Performance Workshop (Ballroom C)

Kay Turner  (American Folklore Society)

“Performing Witches in Times of Conflict”


            4:15-5:15 Roundtable on “Thinking with Stories in Times of Conflict”            (Ballroom C)



Dinner at Vicente’s Cuban Cuisine (optional)

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