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Global Studies Core Courses

GLS 2700: (PL) Introduction to Global Stories (ONLINE)

  • Instructor: Nicole Coleman, CMLLC
  • Introduction to Global Stories is a humanities-based course focusing on literature, film, and other story-telling genres from around the world. It will provide an introduction to the analytical, critical and speculative methods that make up the toolkit of humanistic inquiry. It will provide students with an introductory understanding of constructions and representations of global issues and globalization in literature, film, media and the visual arts, and of the ways in which human stories contribute to complex matrices of representation. It will address how human stories respond and give meaning to complex interactions among global processes, regional and local cultures, and societal structures. Finally, it will explore the extent to which specific human stories, created within specific contexts, do or do not transcend the boundaries of those contexts to become global stories.

GLS 2800: (SS) Introduction to Global Issues and Institutions

  • Instructor: Saeed Khan, CMLLC
  • Syllabus
  • The purpose of this course is to furnish students with a broad overview of contemporary issues facing our ever increasingly “globalized” world and to introduce them to some of the tools available to confront these issues. Topics will focus upon areas such as the global economy and development, international conflict and security, the environment, immigration, human rights and identity politics. Students will become familiar with different views on key issues, including perspectives and policies of various national governments, as well as international governmental and non-governmental organizations.

GLS 3700: Globalization

  • This course will not be offered as planned in Winter 2018. Global Studies majors make take PS 2710 instead. 

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Electives From the Three Areas of Focus

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