The Master of Arts in Romance Languages program is addressed to students wishing to undertake advanced postbachelor study of Italian, Spanish, or French with an emphasis on language and culture or literature. It responds to the community by orienting its curriculum to those seeking higher professional credentials through the Master's degree or through post-Master work leading to the doctorate. a variety of curricular offerings in culture, francophone and continental literature.

Spanish Concentration

Students wishing to earn a Master's Degree in Spanish may concentrate in:

If the student chooses to concentrate on Language and Literature, there are two plans of work available - Plan A or Plan B.  Students in the Language and Culture concentration only have one plan of work available (Plan C).

Program in Language and Literature

Plan A

Plan A requires the student to complete 24 credits in course work plus an 8 credit thesis (written in Spanish) for a total of 32 credits. A minimum of 6 credits must be at the 7000 level or above. This plan stresses Hispanic Literature and scholarly research. All candidates in Plan A are required to take courses in the following three areas:

A. Language and Linguistics
B. Peninsular (Spanish) Literature
C. Spanish American Literature

Plan B

Plan B requires the student to complete 29 credits in course work plus a 3 credit essay (written in Spanish) for a total of 32 credits. A minimum of 6 credits must be at the 7000 level or above. This plan stresses Hispanic Literature. All candidates in Plan B are required to take courses in the three areas mentioned above. The original of the essay in final form, signed by the Graduate Director, should be submitted to the Graduate School, 2226 Faculty Administration Building, no later than the deadline date established for the semester in which the student expects to graduate. Deadline dates will be issued by the Graduate Office shortly after the beginning of each semester.

The Plan of Work – A and B

The Plan of Work must be filed in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Office before 8-12 credits of graduate work are completed. Students must thoroughly discuss their Plan of Work with the Graduate Director, and it must be approved by the Graduate Director and then sent to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for its approval. The adviser and the student bear the full responsibility for completing the Plan of Work. Office personnel should not be expected to nor requested to fill out the Plan of Work. The Plan of Work forms may be obtained from the Graduate Director.

Master's Examinations in Spanish

Follow the correct sequence of Degree Requirements. No student will be allowed to take comprehensive examinations for any Master's Degree plan unless all other requirements for the degree have been completed, including course work, the thesis, or the essay.

Students in Plans A and B will take an examination covering six (6) hours of the following areas. The examination must include at least one (1) hour of Hispanic Linguistics (area 1), one hour of Peninsular Literature and one (1) hour of Spanish-American Literature.

  1. Hispanic Language, Linguistics and History of the Language (1Hour)
  2. Medieval Spanish Literature (1 Hour)
  3. Golden Age Literature (Renaissance - 1 hour or Baroque - 1 hour)
  4. Spanish Literature, 18th and 19th Centuries (1 Hour)
  5. Spanish Literature of the 20th Century (1 Hour)
  6. Spanish American Literature to 1900 (1 Hour)
  7. Spanish American Literature of the 20th Century (1 Hour)

The student must pass all six hours of this examination. The examination will be based on the materials covered on the M.A. Reading List. No oral examination is required. The M.A. candidate will consult with the Graduate Director concerning the examination schedule one semester before taking the exams.

Program in Language and Culture (Plan C)

The requirements for plan C are as follows:

  • A minimum of 33 hours of course work. At least 6 of these credits must be at the 7000 level or above. Students must take Spanish 5550 and 5560 (respectively, Spanish Culture and Its Tradition, and Spanish American Cultures and Their Traditions); and a minimum of 9 credits from the following courses:

Spanish 5200, Phonetics (3 cr.)
Spanish 5300, Advanced Grammar and Stylistics (3 cr.)
Spanish 5400, Technical and Literary Translation (3 cr.)
Spanish 6400, The Structure of Spanish (3 cr.)
Spanish 7510, History of the Spanish Language (3 cr.)

  • In addition, a minimum of 12 credits in Hispanic Literature at the 6000 level (or above) is required. At least one of these courses must be in Spanish-American literature, and one in Spanish Peninsular Literature.

Master's Examination for Spanish Plan-C Students:

This examination will be based on the M.A. Reading List. The student must pass a written examination of 8 hours, distributed in three parts as follows:

  • Part I: Spanish Language (Grammar, Structure, Semantics, Phonetics, History of the Language) (2 Hours)
  • Part II: Hispanic Culture:
    A. The Cultures of Spain (1 Hour)
    B. The Cultures of Spanish America (1 Hour)
  • Part III: Hispanic Literature (4 hours)
    The student may choose any combination of the Areas 2 through 7 listed under Plans A and B for a total of four hours of examination time. At least one of the areas selected must be Spanish-American Literature.
Evaluation of Student's Performance on the M.A. Examination

The student in Plan C must pass all three parts of the examination. If the student fails two parts, he/she must repeat the entire examination. If the student fails one part, he/she must retake and pass that part during either one of the next two regularly scheduled examinations as outlined under Plans A and B. If the student does not retake the part he/she failed within the one year period prescribed above, he/she will have to repeat the entire examination.

Related Programs

Master of Arts in Language Learning (MALL)

This degree in language pedagogy is designed for current foreign language teachers.  A currently certified Spanish teacher can use this program to continue study in Spanish while learning more about the theory and practice of language teaching.  This program does not lead to teacher certification.

For more information on the MALL program see their web site.

Teacher Certification (M.A.T.)

Students who have an undergraduate degree in Spanish and seek teacher certification in Michigan can do so through the Master of Arts in Teaching program in the Wayne State College of Education.



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