Information on Taking Russian Online at Wayne State University 

Wayne State Russian Program offers first-year Russian (RUS 1010 and RUS 1020) online in a synchronous format. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about this program. If your questions aren't answered below, please write Laura Kline at

General Information

1) TEXTBOOK: Which textbook do we use and how many chapters do we cover?

We use Beginner's Russian by Anna Kudyma, Frank Miller, and Olga Kagan. We cover 5 chapters each semester, for a total of 10 chapters in the first year.

2) PLATFORM: How is the online course taught?

Our online Russian courses are taught live online (synchronous) with a live instructor. We use Blackboard Collaborate as our platform; it is free to students registered at Wayne. Students will be familiarized with the technology before the course begins. 

3) MEETING TIMES & DATES: When do the classes meet?

Both classes meet TuTh from 12:00-3:20 live online.

RUS 1010 is offered in the Spring Semester (5/07/18 - 6/22/18).

RUS 1020 is offered in the Summer Semester (6/27/18 - 8/14/18).

4) WSU FOREIGN LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT? Do these classes meet the language requirement?

The requirement is for 3 semesters of a foreign language - through 2010. These are the first two semesters. You can take RUS 2010 in the fall to complete the requirement. 

For Non-WSU students

1) TUITION: How much does an online course (4 cr) cost for non-Wayne students?

Non-WSU students can register as guests. They will have to pay full tuition based on their residency status.  You can compute the tuition at the following link:


There are several special programs that allow students to take courses at Wayne through their home institution or at a discounted rate:

3) FINANCIAL AID: Is there is any financial aid available for guest students?

Not through WSU. Students can possibly use their financial aid from their home institution and apply it to taking classes at Wayne.  

3) REGISTERING: How can students register? 

Go to:

4) TRANSFERRING CREDITS: What universities and colleges are Wayne State credits transferable to?

This depends on each university and college, but it should be most accredited ones. However, while the credits may transfer, whether they apply to the degree that the student is pursuing is a different story and the student must check and get permission from their home institution (there is usually a form) to transfer the credit back.

5) IN-STATE OR OUT-OF-STATE STATUS: Are out-of-state students considered out-of-state for online courses, or is there a discount?

Yes, they would be considered out-of-state. However, students who live in states bordering on the Great Lakes get a significant discount. See below.

The university is working on giving in-state status to all online students for this coming summer. This page will be updated when more information is available. 

6) HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: How can high school students take these courses?

They can register as a dually enrolled student. They would apply as a dual enrollment. You can find more information here:

Apply here for dual enrollment.


Undergraduate students who reside in a state or Canadian province that borders on a Great Lake will be eligible to pay a rate that is equal to 110% of the Michigan resident rate. This tuition discount program will replace the Good Neighbor tuition waiver for undergraduate students. Undergraduate students who were admitted/enrolled under the Good Neighbor tuition discount policy (up to and including Fall term 2013) will continue to be eligible for the benefits of the Good Neighbor tuition discount for the 2013-2014 academic year. Beginning in the 2014-15 academic year, undergraduate students formerly eligible for the Good Neighbor discount (100% of the differential between resident and non-resident rates) will be eligible for the Great Lakes discount, at 110% of the resident rate.The tuition calculator at the link above has an option for the Great Lakes Tuition.


Wayne Advantage-Macomb allows you to seamlessly move between Macomb Community College (MCC) and Wayne State University, preparing you to pursue a bachelor's in one of more than 380 academic programs at WSU while completing your associate degree at Macomb. As a Wayne Advantage-Macomb student, you can concurrently enroll at WSU and Macomb, providing you with a variety of courses at times that fit your schedule. For more information, go to:

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