Meet Chris Clark

Education: B.A. in History from Michigan State University; M.A. in Higher Education and Student Affairs, Eastern Michigan University.

Info: I was raised in Birch Run, MI, which is a town next to Frankenmuth. Perhaps you have heard of the Prime Outlets, which I rarely frequented growing up. As much as I appreciate that area, I’ve always wanted to travel and have taken every opportunity to do so. When it comes to the States, I’ve been to California, New York, and Colorado. In Europe, I’ve traveled to Rome and other parts of Italy like Venice, Cinque Terre, and Pompeii. While there, I also saw parts of Paris, France and Amsterdam and Utrecht in the Netherlands. My greatest traveling aspirations are to see ancient temples throughout Greece and also Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

What is your role as an Academic Advisor? I’m a resource for students and staff when it comes to academics, professional growth, and graduation requirements, but I also help students talk about options after graduation. One of my greatest joys is discussing what people can explore with their education. I also simply talk with students, sometimes when they are struggling, sometimes just to chat. Getting to know faculty is also important. So, there are many facets to my role, but at the end of the day I see myself as an advocate for students.
How would you describe yourself? I really strive to learn about people and the world at large, and am always seeking to make new friends. The more people I talk to, the wider my perspective gets. However, as much as I love getting out there and experiencing things, I certainly do like to retreat into my own space to recharge. I enjoy staying home and doing my own thing just as much as going out.

What are some of your hobbies? I consider myself to be a writer, though it’s just for fun so I’m not trying to get published. And like I said before, I love exploring new places and taking trips. Since I’m new to the Detroit area, I’m really in the zone here, and am taking any chance I can to soak in the sights.

What do you like best about working at Wayne State? How utterly welcoming everyone is! I have felt part of the community since the day I arrived, and people are always offering to help. What I especially appreciate as a curious person is how honest and open people are to questions. I also particularly love my department, because I am surrounded by culture and languages – my door is generally always open, and I typically hear about three different languages every few hours, if not every hour depending on how many people are wandering about!

What's your favorite...

Book? The Silver Wolf by Alice Borchardt

Movie? I really can’t shrink my love of movies down to just one, so, for a variation – Kiki’s Delivery Service, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Social Network, and I, Robot. 

Music/Band? I listen to way too much music to have a favorite, so again, for variation! Nightmare of You, Billy Talent, and Marina and the Diamonds. I also really like Scores, and Hans Zimmer holds a special place in my heart.

Where is the best place you've traveled and why? My trip to Rome is definitely one of the best places I’ve been to, and not just because of the history and culture I immersed myself in. It was there, walking along an old Roman road that I decided to stop pursuing pre-med as an undergrad. Instead, I focused my studies on something I enjoy – history. And after a great journey, that choice has led me here, and I’m ready for another adventure!

What advice can you give your students in order to succeed both in college and in life? Always take perspective! No matter the situation, whether it is college or life, pausing to think from many angles can help you make a decision or even just remind you to be compassionate.

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Meet Chris Clark 4/19/2017
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