The B.A. in Global Studies is a flexible, interdisciplinary major, with three focus areas:

  • Global Cultures and Identities
  • Global Health and the Environment
  • Global Politics and Economies

Major requirements consist of a minimum of (33) credits distributed as follows:


Language Courses (9-12 credits)

Students must take a minimum of three courses or (9) credits beyond 2010 in the same language sequence or complete the three-semester basic language sequence in a second language. For language courses, please see languages offered in Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. Students must receive a passing grade (C) in their language courses for them to count towards the GLS major.

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Core Courses (9 credits)

GLS 2700 (PL) Introduction to Global Stories 3 cr.
GLS 2800 (SS) Introduction to Global Issues and Institutions 3 cr.
GLS 3700 (SS) Globalization: Theories, Practices, Implications 3 cr.
Subtotal Credit Hours: 9

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Electives from Three Areas of Focus (15-16 credits)

Students must take a minimum of (15) credits from the following areas of focus:

Areas of focus allow students to specialize within the program in ways that enhance their academic and professional goals. Students are encouraged but not required to take all of their credits within one focus area.

Students must take a total of either five classes at 3 credits each; 4 classes at 4 credits each; or 1 class at 3 credits and 3 classes at 4 credits. A minimum of 6 credits must be at the 4000-level or above.

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Three Areas of Focus

Global Cultures and Identities

This focus area centers on questions related to global cultures, belief systems expressed through various types of cultural artifacts (including visual art, artisanry, literature, film and media), and peoples and identities, over time and geographical areas, in conjunction with questions of gender, sexuality, class, race, and ethnicity.

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Global Health and Environment

This focus area concentrates on issues related to global public health, medical systems, and environmental issues such as population, pollution, and climate change over time and geographical areas, in conjunction with questions of gender, sexuality, class, race, and ethnicity.

ANT 2400, ANT 3400, ANT 5400, BIO 3500, GLS 3410, GLS 5540, HIS 3410, NFS 4160, PHI 1130, PHI 1110, SOC 3510, SOC 4360, SOC 5360, SOC 5540, UP 5430

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Global Politics and Economies

This focus area takes into account global political, sociological, economic, labor, and business theories, trends, histories, and configurations over time and geographical areas, in conjunction with questions of gender, sexuality, class, race, and ethnicity.


  • Global Business Cultures (ANT 3150, ANT 5800)
  • Global Economies (ANT 2400, ANT 5165, ECO 5300, ECO 5310, ECO 5600, FIN 5320, GSC 5620, GSC 5680, HIS 3400, HIS 3410, MKT 5750, UP 5430)
  • Global Politics (HIS 5120, HIS 5665, PS 2710, PS 2810, PS 3725, PS 3811, PS 4725, PS 4810)
  • Special Politics and Economies Topics (COM 4300, COM 4560, HIS 1400, PCS 5500, PHI 1100, PHI 2330, PS 5740, PS 6870, SOC 5550)

By Region:

  • Africa (AFS 3420, HIS 1600, HIS 1610, HIS 5730, NE 4750)
  • Asia (ASN/HIS 1710,ASN/HIS 5825ASN/GSW/HIS 5875ASN/HIS 5855ASN/HIS 5865, PS 3770)
  • North America (HIS 5130, PS 2700, PS 3750, PS/HIS/GPH/SOC 3993)
  • Europe (ITA 3200, HIS 3490, HIS 5440, HIS 5470, HIS 5490, HIS 5495, HIS 5500, HIS 5556, HIS 5660, PS 3710, PS 3715, PS 5710)
  • Latin America and Caribbean (AFS 3250, HIS 1910, HIS 2440, HIS 5237, HIS 5239, PS 3735, PS 3795)
  • Middle East (ANT 3550, HIS 1810, HIS/NE 3040, HIS 5960/NE 5000, NE 5000, PS 3835, PS 3745, PS 3740, PS 5760)

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Global Experience

Students must fulfill a “Global Experience” requirement. Options for fulfilling the Global Experience requirement include:

1) an internship at a local agency that deals with global issues or is a global organization or company (GLS 5500);
2) study abroad or internship abroad;
3) field work or study abroad that is part of a specific course

All majors are also required to present their work in the form of a paper or poster session in a WSU venue.

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Writing Intensive

GLS 5993 – (WI) Writing Intensive Course in Global Studies: Cr. 0. In order to fulfill the WI requirement, students must co-register for GLS 5993 and a 4000-level or above course. Students must receive permission from the instructor and sign the WI contract, to be turned in to the GLS director. Students must receive a passing grade (S) on their WI project, the equivalent of a C.


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