The Master of Arts in Romance Languages program is addressed to students wishing to undertake advanced postbachelor study of Italian, Spanish, or French with an emphasis on language and culture or literature.

It responds to the community by orienting its curriculum to those seeking higher professional credentials through the Master's degree or through post-Master work leading to the doctorate, a variety of curricular offerings in culture, francophone and continental literature.


Italian Concentration

The Italian area offers two M.A. plans:

  • Plan A consists of 24 credit-hours of course work, plus an 8 credit thesis
  • Plan B consists of 29 credit-hours of course work, plus a 3 credit essay

The original of the essay in final form, signed by the adviser, should be submitted to the Graduate School Office in electronic form no later than the deadline date established for the semester in which the student expects to graduate. Deadline dates will be issued by the Graduate School Office shortly after the beginning of each semester. Normally students will elect Plan B. In exceptional cases, where circumstances make it difficult to follow Plan B, the Italian Area may authorize a student to elect Plan A.

Master's students are required to take ITA 7300 (Romance Philology) plus 3 additional credits at the 7000 level. Course work at the 5000 level beyond the first 4 credits must be approved by the Italian Area faculty before it can be counted toward the degree.

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The Plan of Work

The Plan of Work must be filed in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Office before 8-12 credits of graduate work are completed. Students must thoroughly discuss their Plan of Work with their Italian Faculty Adviser and it must be approved both by the Graduate Director and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The Graduate Director and the student bear the full responsibility for completing the Plan of Work. Office personnel should neither be expected to nor requested to fill out the Plan. The Plan of Work forms may be obtained from the Graduate Director.

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Master's Degree Examination Structure

Under Plans A and B: At least five weeks prior to the time the degree is to be granted, candidates must pass a comprehensive oral examination based on course work and the Italian Area reading list.

Follow the Correct Sequence of M.A. Requirements: No student will be allowed to take final comprehensive examinations for the Master's Degree until all other degree requirements have been satisfied, including course work, essay, or thesis.

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Related Programs

Master of Arts in Language Learning (MALL)

This degree in language pedagogy is designed for current foreign language teachers.  A currently certified Italian teacher can use this program to continue study in Italian while learning more about the theory and practice of language teaching.  This program does not lead to teacher certification.

For more information on the MALL program, visit

Teacher Certification (M.A.T.)

Students who have an undergraduate degree in Italian and seek teacher certification in Michigan can do so through the Master of Arts in Teaching program in the College of Education.

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