The Romance Languages are a group of related languages derived from Latin, the language of the Roman Empre. The major languages within this group are French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian. Romance Languages share a large basic vocabulary and several similar grammatical forms. The modern countries of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and much of the Balkans were part of the Roman Empire - hence the name Romance Languages.

At Wayne State you can study French, Italian, and Spanish. In addition to learning to read, write, and speak each of these languages, students can study the culture and literature of France, Italy, and Spain.


Our Degree Programs

We offer undergraduate and graduate programs:




Related Programs

Master of Arts in Language Learning (MALL)

This degree in language pedagogy is designed for current foreign language teachers. A currently certified French, Italian, or Spanish teacher can use this program to continue study in French, Italian, or Spanish while learning more about the theory and practice of language teaching. This program does not lead to teacher certification.

Visit the MALL program for more information.

Teacher Certification (M.A.T.)

Students who have an undergraduate degree in French or Spanish and seek teacher certification in Michigan can do so through the Master of Arts in Teaching program in the Wayne State College of Education.


Fulfilling the WSU and CLAS Language Requirement

For a list of basic language courses which can be used to fulfill the CLAS foreign language requirement, click here: Basic Language Courses

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