Internship: The Wall Speaks Project, Spring 2017

Can be taken as GLS 5500 (3 CR) or POL 3990 (1-3 CR)


Students who enroll in this internship course will be a part of “The Wall Speaks Project”.

“The Wall Speaks Project,” that comes to Hamtramck’s Bank Suey Gallery late March, is an interactive multimedia exhibition accompanied by events such as art shows, music performances, lectures, and community meetings, and is authored by an internationally recognized artist Wojtek Sawa.

In the artist’s own words: “the project will seek to build bridges between past and present, and between various communities in Hamtramck, Michigan by bridging experiences of Polish children and teenagers of World War II with those of children and teenagers in the war torn Middle East today.”

The students taking this internship course will assist the artist and the gallery staff in the initial stages of exhibit preparations, P.R., and will serve as docents guiding viewers through the exhibition.

Students will be able to choose which areas of work they want to spend most time on: exhibition prep, community outreach, docent duty, public relations and communication. At least one of the events accompanying the main show will be on the WSU campus.

To enroll in the Polish 3990 course (1-3 CR), or with questions, please contact Dr. Alina Klin ( is the course syllabus.

To enroll in the Global Studies 5500 course (3 CR), please contact Dr. Laura Kline ( Only the students enrolled in the Global Studies program can take this internship course as GLS 5500.

If taking this internship for credit does not fit into your curriculum, you may still be a part of this fascinating project as a volunteer.

For more information about the “The Wall Speaks Project” you may also contact Wojtek Sawa directly at 847/322-7387, or

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