Electrochemistry group at Wayne State

Research in the Luo group is focused on exploring new frontiers in electrocatalytic and electroanalytical sciences.  We are now looking for highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students! Please contact Professor Luo at long.luo@wayne.edu if you are interested.

Group News

11/14/2019 Our paper, "Lowering interfacial dissolved gas concentration for highly efficient hydrazine oxidation at platinum by fluorosurfactant modulation" has been accepted by ChemElectroChem.

09/27/2019 Celebrating Yue’s paper publication with the last bbq of the year. Congratulations again Yue!

09/25/2019 Congratulations to Hewa ! His collaborative work with Verani Lab was just accepted by Chemistry-A European Journal. Title of the paper is "A Molecular Approach for Mitigation of Aluminum Pitting based on Films of Zinc(II) and Gallium(III) Metallosurfactants".

09/24/2019 Dr. Luo was appointed as a Langmuir Early Career Advisory Board Member.

09/17/2019 Our paper "1000-Fold Preconcentration of Per- and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS) within 10 min via Electrochemical Aerosol Formation" was published in Analytical Chemistry. Congratulations Yue!

09/10/2019 Dr. Luo hosted the analytical seminar speaker, Dr. Robbyn Anand from Iowa State University. 

07/10/2019 Our work on surfactant quantification has been highlighted in a post on x-mol.com

06/18/2019 Our research work on bubble nucleation made the cover of Analytical Chemistry! 

06/14/2019 After a long winter and a brief spring, it’s finally time for a lab BBQ! Luo lab at Belle Isle.

06/12/2019 Nature Nanotechnology recently highlighted our work on surfactant quantification. Click here to read the article.

05/21/2019 Dr. Luo had a meeting with Dr. Aaron Fisher at the Water Research Foundation. Thanks for your interest in our PFAS detection technology!

05/14/2019 C&EN news has posted an article on our recently published work.

04/27/2019 Luo lab is celebrating earth week with Everyday Science for Kids.


04/26/2019 Dr. Luo and Yue visited Ann Arbor Water Treatment Plant to collect water samples for research. Special thanks to Sarah Page for hosting.

04/26/2019 Our paper "Bubble Nucleation-Based Method for the Selective and Sensitive Electrochemical Detection of Surfactants." was published in Analytical Chemistry.

04/24/2019 French journalism student at Wayne State University wrote a story about our PFAS-related research.

Watch the interview on YouTube.

04/22/2019 Congratulations to Kelly Patero for receiving the James C. French Endowed Undergraduate Chemistry Scholarship.

04/22/2019 Congratulations to Disni on receiving Graduate School Citation for Excellence in Teaching and congratulations to Hewa on receiving the Departmental Citation for Excellence in Teaching.

04/15/2019 Dr. Luo hosted high school students from Madison Preparatory High School at Wayne State University, Department of Chemistry.

04/11/2019 Congratulations to Ruchiranga. He received the 2019-2020 Graduate Student Professional Travel Award.

04/11/2019 Congratulations to Disni! She has received the prestigious Rumble Fellowship from the Graduate School!

04/05/2019 Congratulations to Dr. Luo on his young professional and early career travel grant from the Electrochemical Society to attend the 235th ECS meeting. 

04/03/2019 Congratulations to Hewa! He is now a Ph.D. candidate in our lab.

03/28/2019 Congratulations to Ruchiranga! He is now a Ph.D. candidate in our lab.

03/27/2019 Luo lab is among the three labs who received the Wayne State University Research Grant! Thank you to the university for the support.

03/19/2019 Our invited feature article “Gas Bubbles in Electrochemical Gas Evolution Reactions” was published in Langmuir.

03/12/2019 Dr. Luo had a meeting with the founder of everyday science for kids.

03/04/2019 Congratulations to Disni! She now is the first Ph.D. candidate of our lab.

02/26/2019 Dr. Luo had dinner with Dr. Potyrailo from GE Global Research and the Mao group.

02/18/2019 Dr. Luo hosted the frontiers seminar speaker, Professor Shelley D. Minteer, University of Utah.

02/13/2019 Dr. Luo delivered a talk on "Fundamentals and Applications of Gas Bubble Electronucleation" in the Department of Chemistry, Oakland University.

02/04/2019 Dr. Luo delivered a talk hosted by Prof. Steven Backues in the Department of Chemistry, Eastern Michigan University.

01/29/2019 Our research work was highlighted on the back cover of the newest issue of RSC Chemical Communications.

01/26/2019 Our group members reunion in Shanghai, China.

01/25/2019 Luo Lab’s second science show at PRECISE bubble tea shop in Great Lakes Crossing Outlets.


01/16/2019 Our paper “A Mass Transfer-Based Method for Controlled Electrosynthesis and Organization of Tetrathiafulvalene Bromide Micro/Nanowires” was published in the Journal of the Electrochemical Society. Congratulations to Disni! 

12/14/2018 Luo Lab presented a science show at PRECISE bubble tea shop in Great Lakes Crossing Outlets. 

12/12/2018 Luo Lab will present a science show at PRECISE bubble tea shop in Great Lakes Crossing Outlets to acknowledge the general public about bubble chemistry.



12/10/2018 Our paper “Highly efficient hydrogen evolution of platinum via tuning interfacial dissolved-gas concentration” was published in Chemical Communications.

11/28/2018 We welcome Sachini Rodrigo, a new graduate student, to our group.

11/17/2018 Dr. Luo delivered a talk, and Disni presented a poster at midwestern universities analytical chemistry conference (MUACC).

11/06/2018 Dr. Luo hosted the frontiers seminar speaker, Dr. Shanlin Pan, University of Alabama.

08/22/2018 Dr. Luo gave a talk at the ACS National Meeting in Boston.

07/29/2018 Best wishes to Srihari Ganesh for completing the summer research successfully in our lab. We wish you good luck in your future endeavors.

07/03/2018 We welcome Srihari Ganesh, a new high school research student, to our group for summer research. 

06/15/2018 We welcome Carina Ghafari, a new undergraduate research student, to our group for summer research.

06/13/2018 Our paper "Hydrogen Bubble Formation at Hydrogen-Insertion Electrodes" was published in Journal of Physical Chemistry C.


04/30/2018 Dr. Xu Zhao is joining us as a postdoc this summer. Welcome to the Luo group!

04/24/2018 Our paper "Experimental and Theoretical Structural Investigation of AuPt Nanoparticles Synthesized using a Direct Electrochemical Method" was published in JACS.

04/23/2018 Kelly Shaye Patero, an undergrad from our lab has been awarded a Chemistry Undergraduate Scholarship for her academic excellence. Congratulations Kelly!

03/23/2018 The first paper of our group "Correlation between Gas Bubble Formation and Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Kinetics at Nanoelectrodes“ was published in Langmuir. Congrats to Qianjin!

03/09/2018 Our paper "Colorimetric Sensor Array for Discrimination of Heavy Metal Ions in Aqueous Solution Based on Three Kinds of Thiols as Receptors" is accepted by Analytical Chemistry.

03/05/2018 Dr. Luo hosted the frontiers seminar speaker,professor Bo Zhang, from University of Washington.

02/08/2018 Our paper "Shape-controlled electrodeposition of single Pt nanocrystals onto carbon nanoelectrodes" was published in Faraday Discussions.
01/31/2018 Dr.Luo visited the BASF Ovonic Battery site and gave a talk. Ovonic Battery is the global leader in NiMH battery technology. Special thanks to Dr.Young for giving us the book edited by him about Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries.


01/11/2018 Dr. Luo gave a poster at electrochemistry gordon conference in Ventura.


01/11/2018 Our paper "Oxygen Reduction Reaction on Classically Immiscible Bimetallics: A Case Study of RhAu" was published in Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

12/16/2017 Dr.Luo gave a talk at Young Investigator Forum on Chemical Measurement in Beijing.


12/14/2017 Dr.Luo delivered a talk at Beijing Jiaotong University.


12/10/2017 Dr.Luo gave a talk at the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


11/28/2017 Representing Luo group at the Electrochemical Society Regional Meeting - The Detroit Section.


10/24/2017 Dr. Luo hosted the analytical seminar speaker, Dr. Joaquin Rodriguez Lopez, from UIUC. 


09/25/2017 Our paper "Structural characterization of Rh and RhAu dendrimer-encapsulated nanoparticles" was published in Lamguir . 


09/20/2017 Our new Shimadzu GC arrived!


08/09/2017 Dr. Qianjin Chen joined the group as a postdoc. Welcome!


07/10/2017 Prof. Luo received the Ebbing Faculty Development Award from Wayne State Unviersity to support his research. Thanks to Dr. Darrell Ebbing for establishing this award!


04/07/2017:  Prof. Luo's most recent paper "Tunability of the Adsorbate Binding on Bimetallic Alloy Nanoparticles for the Optimization of Catalytic Hydrogenation"  was published in JACS.


03/01/2017: Prof. Luo presented a poster at the recruiting weekend at Wayne State.

02/27/2017: The lab space is ready for move in.​

02/2017: Prof. Luo officially accepted the offer from Department of Chemistry at Wayne State. 


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