Research Interests

1. Electrogenerated Bubbles

The formation and evolution of vapor and gas bubbles in a liquid body is a phenomenon of vast fundamental and applicative interest, for example, in commercial electrolytic processes, in cavitation, in the effervescence of carbonated beverages such as sparkling wine, beer and soft drinks, and in electric power generation during the production of high pressure steam. We are interested in developing new tools and methods to understand the fundamentals of bubble formation process, to evaluate its impacts on electrochemical systems, and to use this phenomenon to improve the performance of sensing devices and electrocatalytic systems.


2. Electrochemical Synthesis

Electrochemical synthesis is a powerful tool for surface modification, substrate cleaning, and formulation of thin films and bulk materials because it offers an additional level of control over the synthesis relative to its chemical counterpart by fine-tuning mass transfer, potential, or current. In addition, electrochemical synthesis allows the convenient analysis of chemical reaction kinetics using the current signal generated during the synthesis. We are interested in developing new electrochemical methods to synthesize functional materials and to understand the reaction mechanisms.


3. Electrokinetic Phenomena

Electricity not only drives chemical reactions but also the motion of ions and liquid. Common electrokinetic phenomena include electrophoresis, electroosmosis, streaming potential/current, etc. We are interested in the design and use of new electrokinetic phenomena for preconcentration and separation of analytes.

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