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Justice and Law in Criminal Justice

My research applies legal and social science approaches to exploring questions of justice in the administration of the criminal justice system. I have a long standing interest in exploring the impact of the crime control process on civil liberties and the wrongful conviction of factually innocent people.

Current Research Interests

  • Causes of wrongful convictions and exonerations. What factors in combination lead to the wrongful prosecution and wrongful conviction of innocent people?

  • Wrongful conviction incidence. How many people are wrongfully convicted?

  • Wrongful conviction policy. How is the innocence movement advancing criminal justice system reforms designed to reduce wrongful convictions?

  • The role of exonerees. Why are some exonerated people active in advancing innocence reforms?

  • Wrongful convictions in China. What are the implications of Chinese scholarship on wrongful convictions in that country for the Chinese legal and criminal justice systems? 

Teaching Interests

  • Undergraduate: Constitutional Criminal Procedure (CRJ 4740); Judicial Process (CRJ 3700)
  • Graduate: Contemporary Criminal Justice (CRJ 7010); Special Topics: Wrongful Conviction (CRJ 7995)

Selected Recent Publications

  • Zalman, M. & J. Carrano (2014). The Sustainability of Innocence Reform. Albany Law Review 77: 955-1003.
  • Zalman, M. & J. Carrano (Eds.) (2014). Wrongful Conviction and Criminal Justice Reform: Making Justice (Routledge).
  • Zalman, M. (2014). The Detective and Wrongful Conviction, in M. Zalman & J. Carrano, Eds., Wrongful Conviction & Criminal Justice Reform: Making Justice (Routledge).
  • Zalman, M. (2014). Measuring Wrongful Convictions. In Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice, eds, David Weisburd and Gerben Bruinsma (Springer Verlag).
  • Zalman, M. (2014). Theorizing Wrongful Conviction (2014). in A. D. Redlich, J. R. Acker, R. Norris, and C. Bonventre, Examining Wrongful Convictions: Stepping Back, Moving Forward (pp. 283-300) (Durham: Carolina Academic Press).
  • Marion, N. & M. Zalman (2014). Towards a Theory of Innocence Policy Reform, in S. L. Cooper (ed.), Controversies in Innocence Cases in America (pp. 175-196) (Farnum, UK: Ashgate) [Controversies in American Constitutional Law series]
  • Wu, Y. & M. Zalman (2013). Wrongful Conviction in China: Analyzing the Scholarship. Crime and Criminal Justice International, 21(3), 1-44.
  • Zalman, M. (2013), Edwin Borchard and the Limits of Innocence Reform, in C. R. Huff & M. Killias, (eds.), Wrongful Convictions and Miscarriages of Justice: Causes and Remedies in North American and European Criminal Justice Systems (New York: Routledge).
  • Zalman, M., M. Larson, & B. Smith (2012). Citizens’ Attitudes toward Wrongful Convictions, Criminal Justice Review 37(1): 51-69.
  • Smith, B., M. Zalman, and A. Kiger (2011). How Justice System Officials View Wrongful Conviction, Crime & Delinquency 57(5): 663-685.


  • 2013 State University of New York, School of Criminal Justice, Distinguished Alumni Award and graduate student commencement speaker.

Editorial Boards

  • Criminal Justice Policy Review
  • Criminal Law Bulletin
  • Journal of Criminal Justice and Law


  • State University of New York at Albany, Ph.D. in Criminal Justice, 1977
  • State University of New York at Albany, M.A. in Criminal Justice, 1972
  • Brooklyn Law School. J.D., 1966
  • Cornell University. B.A. in History, 1963  
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Research Area
Criminal justice policy
Law and Society
Legal Issues
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