Current Lab Members

  Name Research Interest
Graduate Student(Ph.D.) Sudeshna Biswas Nuclear organization in dosage compensation
Graduate Student (Ph.D.) Reem Makki Development of a luciferase reporter for autosomal dosage compensation
Graduate Student (Ph.D.) Maggie Sneiderman Non-histone proteins that participate in X recognition
Undergraduate Samuel GrandKnock down non-histone proteins involved in dosage compensation
Undergraduate      Alexander Lelli Flourescent fusion preoteins to study nuclear organization
Research Associate John Butts 3C analysis of the X chromosome


Former Lab Members


Degree Current Position
Nikita Deshpande Ph.D, 2018 Research assistant Queensland University, Austrailia
Johnny Kasto BS 2018 First year medical studentat Wayne State School of Medicine
Krishna Paul BS 2018  

Sonal Joshi

Ph.D. 2016 Post-doctoral researcher at University of Minnesota
Kassem Makki BS 2016 First year medical student
Mates Silenski    
Marah Hussein Wahbeh BS 2016 Ph.D. program at Johns Hopkins University
Baijukumar Patel MA Medical school
David Schmittou MS  
Lisa Spencer    
Manasi Apte Ph.D. Post-doctoral fellow at NIH/NCI
Kiran Koya Ph.D. Post-doctoral fellow at WSU School of Medicine
Debashish Menon Ph.D. Post-doctoral fellow at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Archna Gautam MS Biotech Senior QC associate at Genentech
Xinxian Deng Ph.D. Acting Assistant Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine
Barbara Rattner Ph.D. Managing editor for Transcription, as well as an editor for Fly and Epigenetics
Harsimran Gill BS 2008 Medical student
Hilary Archbold BS 2008 Biomedical Sciences student at University of Michigan
Polina Kirstin Frolov BS 2007 Biomedical Sciences student at WSU School of Medicine
Conan Ahmed    
Kenny King High School Student Undergraduate at Cornell University
Doris Ebure    
David Utrianinen    
Victoria Moran   Ph.D. Student at Case Western
Karima Alwakia    
Ying Kong Ph.D. 2011  
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