Michigan Linguistics Society
38th Annual Meeting

Saturday, October 25, 2008
McGregor Memorial Conference Center
Wayne State University
Detroit, Michigan

Keynote Speaker:    Charles Li, UCSB   


The 38th Annual Meeting of the Michigan Linguistics Society will take place on October 25, 2008 at Wayne State University.  This year, submissions are invited for general linguistics sessions, as well as a special session on Chinese linguistics.  Details are available under the "Call for Papers" tab .

The Michigan Linguistics Society meeting provides a venue for scholars from within Michigan and around the world to disseminate current research in linguistics. It offers a mix of student and faculty papers, with high-quality refereed presentations.  MLS is held on a rotating basis at various Michigan Universities, maintaining throughout a high standard for disseminating linguistic research to the linguistics community in Michigan and beyond.  To learn more about MLS meetings and to see last year's conference program, click here.


Please use the tabs at the top to navigate this site.  For any and all inquiries related to the conference, please contact linguistics@wayne.edu.  We look forward to seeing you in Detroit in October!

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