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CLAS Research Administration Contacts

CLAS Dean’s Office General Information
313-577-2515 | CLASResearch@wayne.edu


CLAS Research Associate Dean
Peter Hoffmann, hoffmann@wayne.edu

CLAS Research Associate Director
Kathryn Wrench, 313-577-2543


CLAS Research Manager
Marty Kuznia, 313-577-8895

CLAS Research Grant Officer
Nicole Barber, 313-577-0651

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Research Compliance Contacts

CITI Responsible Conduct of Research Training 
WSU Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR)DLAR Facilities Manager, 313-577-5824
DLAR Animal Care Manager, 313-577-1452
DLAR Animal Ordering, 313-577-1107 

WSU Human Investigation Committee (HIC/IRB)

Join the HIC/IRB Listserve: irb-info@lists.wayne.edu

HIC/IRB Admin Support Staff, 313-577-1628

IRB Policy Questions, Ray-Nitra Pugh

IRB Submission Requirements, Lana Streeter

IRB Application Status

WSU Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)IACUC Admin Support Staff

WSU Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS)


WSU OEHS Shipping

OEHS Dangerous Goods Shipping Instructions 
OEHS Dangerous Goods Shipping form

Complete and fax to 313-993-4079

OEHS safety Issue after hours? Report to Campus Safety 313-577-2222.


OEHS Compliance Officer, 313-993-7678

OEHS Environmental Health Specialists, 313-993-5702, 313-993-7597

OEHS Chemical Hygiene Officer, 313-993-6614

OEHS Hazardous Materials Specialist, 313-993-7676

OEHS Radiation Safety Officer, 313-577-0019

OEHS Occupational Health Nurse Specialist, 313-577-5917

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Personnel Development and Management

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Human Resources

Academic Human Resources

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Graduate Research Assistants

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International Visitors and Students

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Postdoctoral Employees

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Policy and Procedure


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Research Core Facilities


Academic Unit Liaison Librarian and Research Data Services


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