Detroit FRESH: Healthy Corner Stores Project





Click here for pictures of the 2011 Healthy Food Fair at two corner stores participating in Detroit FRESH.

Click here for images of the Mural at A&W Market at Mack and Dickerson, in partnership with ArtsCorps Detroit, 2012.

This project was started Fall of 2008, rising from conversations at partner organization Capuchin Soup Kitchen with guests. Lisa Richter and Gwen Meyer of Earth Works Urban Farm and Kami Potukuchi of SEED Wayne led conversation in which guests expressed frustration and resentment toward experiences at the corner stores in the Eastside of Detroit. The guests

expressed that the stores mostly sold stuff that “folks are addicted to,” “like alcohol, cigarettes, junk food, and lottery tickets.” It was these conversations which the Healthy Corner Store Project was born, and a pilot project involving three stores in a half mile radius of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen was initiated. The Project is now funded and covers all areas of Detroit.

In Detroit, there is a problem of something referred to as food deserts, or the lack of a proper way for the population of an area to find healthy groceries. Corner stores can sometimes be the closest or only dependable option to many families of an area to shop at, due to poverty and lack of transportation options. These corner stores typically carry very little food that is healthy, wholesome, fresh or affordable. The mission of Detroit FRESH: The Healthy Corner Stores Project, is to bridge this gap.

As of April 2010, 17 stores have become participants of the project, with the majority of stores on the Eastside. Once a store agrees to participate, Detroit FRESH equips them with supplies such as baskets, shelves, basic produce handling information, and connects them to a produce distributor who delivers smaller quantities that such stores typically handle.

If you live on the Eastside and would like information on Detroit FRESH or wish to share your opinions on participating stores or other feedback, please write SEED Wayne's director Kami Pothukuchi at

Detroit FRESH: The Healthy Corner Store Project is implemented in partnership with the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, Eastern Market Corporation, and MOSES.







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