Passive Solar Greenhouse at Capuchin Soup Kitchen



Many people believe that Michigan's short growing season means that dependence for the better part of a year on outside sources for food is inevitable.  However, Detroit urban agriculture organizations are proving them wrong.  They are demonstrating that it is possible to extend the growing season to 10 months if not more!

SEED Wayne partner, the Earthworks Urban Farm is the city's only certified organic farm. It supplies fresh, healthy food grown to the

With the Ford Campus Community Challenge grant that SEED Wayne received in 2008, we helped build a nearly 4,000 sq. ft. passive solar green house across the street from the Capuchin Soup Kitchen (corner of St. Paul and Meldrum). Earthworks Urban Farm staff built the greenhouse, with help from the Student Organic Farm at Michigan State University, neighborhood residents and farm volunteers.

In addition to supplying produce for the Soup Kitchen, the project also helps in demonstrating season extension and training youth and adults in entrepreneurial urban agriculture.

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