Farmers Market Spotlight: Sweet Potato Sensations

It's small wonder that Sweet Potato Sensations calls themselves "Sweet Potato Lover's Heaven on Earth." Just try one of their pies or cupcakes!

Started in 1987, the business has morphed into a family legacy and a tribute to the city of Detroit. 

Detroit residents Cassandra and Jeffrey Thomas have been creating delicious recipes from the sweet potato, from cheesecakes to cookies and ice cream. It all started when Cassandra created a new alternative for her husband forThanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Cassandra made him sweet potato cookies to avoid making candied yams, which she hated and he loved. They were a success!

To test the concept, the Thomas' set up a table at a garage sale in Rosedale Park, a neighborhood in Detroit, with samples of these cookies, Samplers bought 125 bags of cookies and completed a similar number of surveys. The bags were sold out in less than three hours, solidifying their decision to start the business.

Today, their products include sweet potato cookies, sweet potato pie regular and sugar-free, sweet potato coconut pie, and sweet potato pecan pie, sweet potato cake with real cream cheese frosting, sweet potato cheesecake, sweet potato cobbler, sweet potato muffins and sweet potato ice cream. 

Not only can you get most of these amazing products at the WSU Farmers Market every Wednesday, June through October, you can also stop by their location at 17337 Lahser Rd, Detroit, MI. At their flagship location on Saturday and Sunday, they serve fried chicken with sweet potato waffles, sweet potato pancakes and more!

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Farmers Market Spotlight: Sweet Potato Sensations 6/27/2016
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