Parking Structure 5 Experimental Garden


Three self-contained beds on top of Parking Structure 5 will help implement experiments to answer research questions related to atmospheric and soil-borne pollution of gardens by lead and other heavy metals.  The garden will also allow us to test which plants, if any, are able to tolerate the extreme heat of the summer, which can be magnified manifold by the concrete structure.


The beds were designed by Engineering Senior Roland Bogdani and built by student volunteers from across campus.  Art school wood shop supervisor Robert Taormina was also very helpful, sharing his skills and tools with us in building the beds, the drip irrigation system, and in trouble-shooting the project.  Each bed will collect its own rainwater and a drip irrigation system will deliver the water to the plants at regular intervals. 

The first bed, almost fully constructed, was built in Fall 2009. The other two beds were assembled May 4, 2010. Pictures of the May build are included below.  The build was led by Roland Bogdani and Will Ahee, SEED Wayne Student Leaders.  Volunteers included Monica Lee from the Food and Nutrition Club, Daryl Pierson from Wayne Student Urban Planners, and Urban Studies Senior Charles Lisee.




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