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Phase 1

The first phase of the Healthy Eats Project began in February, 2013. The team offered a four week nutrition education curriculum designed by the USDA, called ‘Eat Smart Live Strong’. These four week sessions were given at four senior sites; Woodbridge Manor, Warren Plaza, Brush Park Plaza, and Hannan House. The initiative was to increase participants’ intake of fruits and vegetables, encourage healthy activities, and encourage at least 30 minutes of practical exercise per day.  

Phase 2

The second phase of the Healthy Eats Project began June 12th, 2013. A new location, the Prentis Breezeway at the WSU farmers market, brought new challenges, tasks, and goals. A new curriculum was adapted from “Just say Yes to Fruits and Veggies” for a shorter, 20 minute workshop. Each Wednesday at the market, the team does a workshop at 12 noon, which is repeated at 12:30. A new objective is to not only encourage participants to increase their daily intake of fruits and vegetables, but to buy them Michigan local at the WSU farmers market as well. Phase 2 also includes a week between the four workshops sessions for a Chef’s Demo.



The Healthy Eats Project is funded in part by the state of Michigan with federal funds from the USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) by way of the Michigan Nutrition Network at the Michigan Fitness Foundation. Farmers Market Education workshops are modeled on the Stellar Farmers’ Market Program of the New York City Department of Health and the New York State “Just Say Yes to Fruits and Vegetables” curriculum.

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